I had always done it, even from a little child, before i knew that it was wrong.

It had always been a part of me, something that i installed in myself as being the major piece of my life. Something that i shouldnt be ashamed of.

Mother never understood what i was going through, so i gave up trying to explain to her, trying to show her how special i was and focused inward towards the thing that mattered most to me.

I lost everything, my family, my friends and in the end my home, because no one seemed to understand that when i was in my room i was doing what i wanted to do. But mother wouldnt allow that anymore, i had to play by her rules and her rules didnt include me, they didnt include the one thing that meant more to me in this world than she can ever understand.

When i left, i knew that i didnt mean that much to her, that she was willing to throw her own son out just because i was different to what she want, just because she couldnt cope with it. She used to say on the phone that i was 'wild and uncontrollable', that i would 'never fit into the normal society' and she would 'never be able to cope with being exiled from her home'. Yet she was willing to do it for me, willing to give me up so society would carry on excepting her and discriminating against my kind.

Yet i dont think of myself as sub-human or even, as people seem to call me, a mutant. I see myself as someone who wont be understood by those who dont have what i have, they wont know what hell it is to think that something you had prided yourself on throughout your life is now something that you should hide in case you are killed or recognised for it. I am not going to compare myself to the Jews, but their persecution for what they believed was right, their religion, is what i am feeling with my ability. It is not a curse, nor a gift, it is something given to certain individuals with no real reason who now have the destiny a lot like Atlas; to hold the world up so the humans can keep destroying it.

It has been three months since i left home, it has been three months since i have used my powers; but it is going to be three seconds before they come alive again. Untamed and unashamed as he stands there refusing to reconsider my offer.

The End

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