Musings of a Solipsistic Entity ( 4 )Mature

The protagonist acquiesces , this time more decisively, scans the other crew members present at the conversation. He asks them , in a full – of – confidence, clean-cut British accent :

‘’What do you think is the most appropriate course of action when it comes to the redundant entities as well as the accepted entity – albeit on a temporary basis ?’’

‘’Let us analyze the data properly,’’ said Data in his robotic voice, a more advanced version of Microsoft Sam.

‘’Make it so,’’ the response comes.

Five minutes has passed. Jean Luc has been walking around the bridge throughout that time. Data approaches him, eventually, and states matter-of-factly :

‘’Sir, we have reached a consensus.’’

Jean Luc nods slowly, his facial expressions indicating extreme focus on the subject at hand.

‘’Let me hear it.’’

Data’s eyes can be seen roving. After two seconds, he says, in his typical, bland accent :

‘’After careful consideration,Sir, we have agreed upon the fact that redundancy equals pointlessness. Therefore, the entities of storymash that do not meet your standards should be eradicated at once, by wrapping them in an American flag and burning them inside, to use the common proverb,Sir. ‘’

The protagonist’s eyes move back and forth. He gives the following answer :

"Make it so.’’

Data nods.

‘’What about the new addition to my self-enhancement storymash team?’’

Data’s eyes perform the standard action again. He is computing incredible amounts of data.

‘’Our understanding is, Sir, that the last entity is not superfluous to date. However, it might change as the entity exhibits rigid thought patterns which might become redundant after a certain period of time. Due to the unpredictable nature of your writing, however, we are unable to pinpoint a specific point in the time-space continuum when this occurrence is going to be observed.’’

‘’Thank you, Data,’’ said Adam.’’It is important that they perceive themselves as real entities with real influence. Otherwise it would not work.’’

Data looks at the protagonist, not sure what to make of the comment. Jean Luc sees it and adds quickly :

"That is all. Proceed with your orders.’’

‘’Thank you, Sir,’’ responds Data and moves to his designated duties.

Bedlam again. The cells, formerly occupied by the screaming inmates, are now occupied by the redundant entities. Adam looks at them from a distance, observing three cells at a given time. He promulgates calmly :

‘’You thought time-space continuum was something unalterable. Your little minds are infested with a meme of unknown origins. But despair not – I shall find out what are the origins of the meme. I shall do so by discontinuing the time-space continuum. ''




The End

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