Musings of a Solipsistic Entity ( 2 )Mature

Adam has been sitting in his paddel cell for quite some time now. Fortunately for him, straitjackes are no longer so popular as they once were. These days it is more about submission by using sedation. Fortunately indeed, as now Adam has been granted freedoms he has once held : he can use the computer room once more ( yes, even within the funny farm ) and move, relatively unchallenged, around the compound. Granted, orderlies keep watching him but he is not insipid enough to give them a reason to strike : their little , sadistic, minds are left hungry and angry. Adam has been thinking a lot lately and has decided to talk to his , in a matter of speaking and matter of fact, psychiatrist. He has told an orderlie about the request, just a precaution. The psychiatrist has been summoned and has invited the protagonist to room. There, another stage of the game is about to played. 

Adam has sat on a coach, comfortably, just like it should be with psychiatrists after all. He tells the psychiatrist :

''Mister Rabkovitz, do you remember our little arrangement?''

Mister Rabkovitz's roving eyes indicate an intense thought process. He responds, at last, almost like an epiphany has just occurred :

''Oh yes..yes!''

Another sentence follows after a short pause, sentence which has been filled with doubt :

''The storymash bet you mean? The bet that you could anticipate what they would comment, so that it would prove to me that you are who you claim you are? ''

Adam has smiled and responded :


The doctor smiles back and says :

''Well, I have researched this site, Adam. I know that you could have logged from a different account and it would prove your theory. I might not be computer-saavy but I am not that gullible, you know.''

Adam's facial expression indicates amusement mixed with light shock.

''But doctor, I would never trick you like that! I was the same individual before I lost my priveleges and got locked up for some time. Now I am ,relatively, free again and I'm sure, I just know you too well doc, I'm sure you've checked it've checked that it wasn't just one comment, there were more comments involved and they were all accurate and I could not possibly have posted them as I was confined to your nice , cosy, padded hotel room.''

The psychiatrist has smiled. It is clear that Adam is making sense. A feeling of denial and fear has overcome the counsellor's emotions. He tells Adam :

''Well. You're right. I've checked it. You're not the same person. And I still have that paper you gave me, with that one comment in particular. I'm gonna be looking for every sign, every date, remember.''

''Fine,''responds Adam confidently, showing his palm to the psychiatrist.''Let's go then, shall we?''

And off they go now. In the meantime , Adam has seen some nice local folklore : a guy thinkinking he is Jean Luc Picard and telling his equally deranged crew to ''engage.'' The doctor notices Adam's fascination with the case and explains that ''Jean Luc'' is suffering from dissociative identity disorder.  Adam concludes that it is a very effective imitation, as even the patient's accent becomes identical to the one used by Picard in Star Trek. 

Finally, they arrive. The computer room.

Adam sits down and types in his login and password. 

''Quetzacoatl,'' comments the doctor.''It was a god somewhere, right?''

''Yeah,'' responds Adam.''But i forgot about my previous account, I mean i forgot my password so I established this one.''

''Anyway,'' says the doctor.''Here is what you gave me.''

Rabkovits takes out the aforementioned sheet of paper and, on it, the following text has been written


heretowrite 160 hours, 34 minutes ago Reply

I like. Wait, I think I like.. or is it that my reaction is to be pleased?..

I think this (storymash) is not a padded cell.
I think this (storymash) is not padded.
the intention of this is to increase the freedom of the work.?.to increase freedom?.?
What have You done?

Then he checks out Adam's version.

''Holy f u c k,'' utters Rabkovitz, gravely agitated.''They're..''

''..the same,'' Adam butts in, smiling.''And you know what it means. You're deleted!''

At the very second when the word ''deleted'' has been used, Rabkotvitz disappears.

''Reality is going to align itself,'' Adam mutters to himself.''Someone else is gonna take your place soon enough.''

''Hello, Adam. I'm Derek Dybkovitz. I'm your new psychiatrist. The last person resigned, I was told. Are you willing to co-opeare with me?''

''Of course,'' responds Adam, a beaming smile can be seen on his face. '' Perfect timing, doc.

The End

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