Paintings of a Broken Heart

I'm sitting down, writing a fairy tale, composing the greatest symphony, that's destined to fail.

I can see you there, in the picture on the wall, all I've got left of you.

I'll sit here and watch you smile

You painted that portrait that day, laughing at my commentary.

I'll sit here and watch you cry

You cried when i told you I wouldn't let you go.

I write with my finger, I paint with my mind, wrapped all up in a pretty little box for you...

For a while it was all going fine, and then I told you ...

I'll weep as you tear up my fairy tale, destroying the greatest symphony, dischording my scale. So I write with my finger, a hole in my hand, wrapped all up in some sheets of linen for you.,.

And then you left me behind, for her.

For you I composed all that you see.

I did so much for you.

But you have not loved me.





~ based on 'Paintings of a Broken Heart' by [dweeb] from the album 'moose moose moose chicken moose'

The End

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