She sat on the shore, looking out over the sun-stained ocean.  Why is it that when you know what you're looking for you can never find it? she wondered, hugging her knees.

She'd heard the voice she wanted before, but couldn't find the face to go with it.  Then she'd look into the moon, seeing that face that she tried to find mingle with the face of the moon.  She longed for that face to come down to her.

And while she searched, she thought, Am I searching for someone else?  Or am I escaping me?  She shook her head, spreading her legs out on the cooling sand as the moon began to peek above the horizon.

Mientras siga viendo tu cara en la cara de la luna, mientras siga escuchando tu voz entre las olas y entre la espuma, mientras tenga que cambiar la radio de estación porque cada canción me hable de tí, de tí, de tí.

Song by Bacilos

The End

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