Musical Inspiration

All songs have a story to tell. In this string, the author speculates the origins and meanings of some favorite songs.

Another Postcard

 Ed sat at the kitchen table, moaning over today’s pile of mail.  His roommate, Tyler, came in.

“What’s wrong?” Ty asked, trying to peer into Ed’s face, concerned.

“The mail came,” came the muffled response.  Ty laughed.

“That’s it?  What, you get a breakup note or something?” He laughed.

“No.”  Ed lifted a stack of postcards.  “Postcards. I’ve been getting all these postcards with monkeys on them; chimps, specifically.”

“So?  Someone who likes you just is on vacation a lot, I guess.”

Ed sprung up.  “No!  I have no idea who they’re from!  And they just keep coming and coming, no matter where I go!  I've moved to seven apartments in the last three years, and they just keep coming!  I've never left a forwarding address!  They’re driving me nuts!”  Ed buried his head in the postcards.  Ty picked up the pile, flipping through them.

“Let’s see: one with kitties, one with the Bard, some on motorcycles, some in hardhats, and… whoa!  Hello!  Some that look like they're posing for a Victoria's Secret ad!”

“Like what you see?” Ed asked sarcastically, muffled by card stock. “Cuz I got a ton of ‘em.”

“Y’know,” Ty mused, “you could write a song about this.”

Ed thought about this, muttering under his breath, “Another postcard, with chimpanzees. And every one is addressed to me…

Song by the Barenaked Ladies

The End

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