Making Wishes.

Ding dong.
Miranda opened the door, smiling slightly.
"Sorry I'm late, I got a bit distracted, and spaced out for a while," Daniel apologized.

"It's okay, a friend of mine just left late anyway," said Miranda, pushing the door shut. They both walked upstairs.
"So, I've been thinking of joining the school choir..." Miranda said slowly.
"Hey, that's great! It's a really good way for expanding your musical abilities." said Daniel encouragingly.
"... But I don't think I know how to play in a group." she finished, cloing the music room door.

"Oh." He was at a loss for words. He thought for a little while.

"Well, I could always bring my violin. Or something. And maybe Lian could play accompaniments... but it will be very basic then... do you have any other friends who play instruments?"

Miranda shook her head.
"Well, I'll have to bring someone here then... would your mother be okay with that?"
"Maybe," said Miranda, a ribbon of doubt edging her words. "Like who?"

"Well........." he mused, considering some of his students."Well," a sudden smile lit up his face, "I could always bring my son."

"You have a son?" Miranda asked, looking shocked.
"Adopted. Why?" he said absently.
She looked sheepish then. "Well, you don't look that.... uh, old." A pinkish glow emitted from her cheeks.

Daniel laughed. "Thanks. But he can play guitar... or atleast a seat of it," he added under his breath. "So that would make us three. I'll see next week if we need anymore people. So, settled?"

"I suppose so." Miranda shrugged, her pale blonde hair falling from her braid.
"Ok, so this week, we're playing 'Lightly Row'. Ok?"
The little girl nodded.

"I'm going to play it once slowly, then I'll teach you how to play it. So, one,two,three,four....."


"Ugh......" Miranda sighed as she flopped down onto one of her plastic chairs. Daniel leaned against a wall. "It's just not working!" She gave another sigh of frustration, wisps of hair falling into her face. She let them stay.

"Hey, you'll get it soon enough." He said soothingly. He stood up properly. "You just need a bit of practice."
"Not MORE practice..." she moaned. Miranda looked so frustrated, Daniel went to sit on a plastic chair. When he looked at her properly, he was surprised to see tears shining in her eyes.

"It's not that hard, but I understand. Hey, we've only got two minutes left," Daniel said after a glance at the clock, "So, lets just wrap this up, ok?" Miranda blinked her eyes rapidly, then stood.

"Ok, " she said quietly, and packed up. Daniel pushed her stand to the side, and then suddenly remembered. He put his hand into his pocket, then pulled out a little velvet deep purple box.

"I almost forgot! Happy early birthday Miranda!" He said brightly. He put the box into her hand, and she looked surprised, happy, and curious.

"Oh.... welll...."

"C'mon, open it," Daniel insisted lightly.

"Thanks," Miranda said softly. She pulled of the black ribbon then carefully picked up the soft lid.
Nestled in soft white cloth, there was  glass figurine of a violin, a perfect replica.

"Oh,wow! This is so pretty!" Miranda gasped. Her eyes shone like moons.
Daniel smiled bashfully. "Do you like it?"

"Yes!! Thank you so much, Mr. Samuels! " Miranda said happily. She smiled. Daniel felt just as happy as she looked.
"No problem. I best be going now," he added, picking up his bag and slinging the strap over his shoulder. "So, bye for now. Don't forget to practice!" he called, from the stairs. He quickly reached the bottom.

"Mr. Samuels," a voice called. Daniel glanced around. Nobody...?

"Mr. Samuels? A litle help here? " said the muffled voice. He peered around the corridor. Suddenly, he heard three sharp knocks on one of the doors. He strode to the door, and yanked it open.

A harried Anna stumbled out. "Oh, thank you, Daniel." she said hurriedly. "Just got a bit stuck..."

"Are you alright, Mrs. Johnson? You look a bit pale." Daniel said cautiously. Her face was white, and she looked very anxious.

"Yes, ofcourse. Bye now," she said, rather rudely. Daniel decided to leave it, and left the house, feeling strange.

Oh well, Daniel thought. Now to ask Josh about the trio band.
And he set of home.

The End

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