To be brave.

It was nice and warm in the kitchen. A pot bubbled happily, while another simmered. Daniel finished washing his hands, and then turned around to lean on the sink. He gave a big sigh, letting his head droop. Being brave was harder than being a teacher.

Miranda skipped in. She seemed in a considerably good mood. It was now the evening. Lian  had went to the hospital in her car with her parents, while Daniel rushed to the Johnsons, and explained briefly what happened to Anna. Anna agreed to take Miranda and her friend Louise to the hospital, while Daniel assured them he would take a taxi to the hispital at once. There, Lian's stitching took place succesfully. By the time he reached there(which was a bit late, because he couldn't find a cab), the operation had finished. Miranda looked relieved, and slightly proud.

"So," Miranda said cheerfully, "How does it feel to be a hero?"

"Hero?" Daniel said quizzically. He flipped his hair out of his eyes. "What hero?"

"You saved Lian!" Miranda said.

"Saved,"Daniel mused, "Is a big word."

"But you did!"

"No, I only found her. You would've found her a few seconds later, anyway."

"No I wouldn't have! We were going to Louise's."

"But you heard the scream." He reminded her.


Lian's mother poked her head into the kitchen."Come on, Daniel, Miranda, dinner!" she said in a Chinese accent. Miranda, looking I'm-right-and-you're-wrong angry in a sweet way, left. Daniel followed with a smile.

The End

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