Back at Miranda's.

"This is the E string." Daniel plucked the thinest string on the violin. It made a shrill sound. Then he plucked the one next to it. It made a slightly lower sound. "Thats the A string. Next is the D string." He plucked it. "And finally, the G string." He plucked the thickest string on the instrument.

"There are four strings on a violin. But, there are many more NOTES on it. For example." Daniel took Miranda's forefinger and placed it on the neck of the violin, low down. He then plucked the string which she was pressing on.

A notw sounded in the air, and then he removed her finger and plucked again. It sounded a little bit deeper.

"When you put your finger on the string it sounds higher. You cn move it highhh... or Loooooow. "

He lectured her a little more, then he declared they should have a break.

"So, Miranda," said Daniel casually, "What do you do in your spare time?"

Miranda looked uncertain. "I paint a bit, I... guess. I like reading too."

"Really? Do your friends like to too?"

"Not really.They like playing with their dolls. I like to too," she added a little fiercely, "But it's not uch fun when they can't talk back."

"Really? You dont make them talk back?"

Miranda shrugged. "I don't like them agreeing with me all the timr. They dont have their own choices. I make them."
"Well, I suppose thats true enough." Daniel twisted to look at her paintings.

"So, whick one is yor favorite?"

Frowning, Miranda replied "I dont have a favorite. I cant draw people. Its not fair. Those are just silly things whcih mommy puts up. They're ok."

"I think they're beautfil."

"But I want to draw people."

"Maybe you can." Daniel carefully selected a paper and pencil from a cabinet left open, and started drawing, very carefully. He sketched a woman who was gracefully playing the piano. She had a small, pointy nose and long eyelashes. He hair was short and curly, and her hands slender as they brushed the keys of the piano. A long dress adorned her and her shoes were heeled and pointy.

"Thats pretty." said Miranda. She touched the womans face.

"Thank you. Do you want me to teach you how to do it?"

"No. I'd mess it up."

"Maybe... but maybe not."

"No. I would, i know so. "

Daniel gave in."Alright, maybe next time."

Miranda gave one of her soft smiles. "Maybe," she uttered, and Anna was calling him downstairs. Daniel stood, grabbed his coat and hat, and waved to Miranda. She waved a little.

Downstairs, Anna placed some money in his hands. "Thanks, " Daniel said, and pushed it insside his pocket.

"Next week, same time?" Anna called after him as he exited.

"Ofcourse, " He yelled back, adn waved a taxi. He would caom back.


The End

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