The instrument - Part 2

Miranda shyly sat down. She pushed a strand of her light hair behind her ear.

"I wanted to play violin." she whispered. She looked very secretive, in a way that almost made Daniel laugh.

"Thats what you wanted to tell Mommy?" he said, amused. Miranda looked sheepish and unhappy, so Daniel changed his tone.
"Why dont you tell her now?"

"Becasue she told me not now. I shouldn't tell her now. She might be angry."
"Ah. Alright. So," he abruptedly changed the topic, "Why violin?"

"Um... because..... ok, I won't play it."

Daniel stared at her in surprise. "What? But you just said you wanted to."

"But you said no."

"No, I didn't."

"But thats what you meant."

"No, its not. Where did you get that from?"

"I didnt get it from anywhere. Are you supposed to?"

Daniel was very confused now. "Does Mommy say stuff like that to you?"
"Yes. Whenever i ask for a book, she says 'Why?' and then I don't know why."

"So you don't buy it becasue you don't know why you want to?"

"Uh - huh."

"I see." The more he knew Miranda, the more he was confused. She was a feeble as a dandelion in the wind and yet she knew what she wanted and was so practical sometimes. It was like tow different girls fighting to get out.
"Well," Daniel said quickly, "How about you listen to some piano and violin pieces and THEN you pick?"

"Ok." Miranda guided him to the computer in the room. It was silver and white. He turned it on.


"Listne to this." Daniel started a piece - not very fancy, but well played. Miranda's eyes opened in asotnishmeny as she put the headphones on. She listened for a full two minutes, then the piece finished.

He started another. And another. Then, when he showed her all of them, he gently removed the headphones from her ears.

"How was that?' Danile asked gently.

Miranda answred with one word, her eyes shining.


The End

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