The instrument.

Daniel knocked on the very same dorr he visited last week. It swung open almost at once.

"Ah, Daniel, hurry in." Daniel strode inside, and turned to face Anna.

"About her instrument-

"Yes, about that. Which one should she pick? I don't really know anything about pianos and violas-"


"Yes, exactly."
Daniel consdiered. "Is she very dedicated to this? To playing?"

"Well, yes, I suppose so."

"Does she practice?"

"I should thik so."

"Well then I'm not sure either. Pianos and violins are two very different instruments. They make two entirely different sounds, and make two entirely different impresions."
"What is BETTER for her?"

"How about i make her listen to both, and we'll see what SHE likes best. Ok?"


Anna hastily nodded and then turned to Miranda. Today she wore a green shirt and a floaty purple flowered skirt with green leggings. Daniel felt a touch of warmth in the air, like she brought a fire hearth with her everywhere. She gave a feeling of soft, kind air.

"Yes, Miranda? We'll talk about it later. Mr. Samuels is here."
"But, Mummy-" But Anna was already pushing them up.

In the room, Daniel sat infront of Miranda on one of the plastic chairs.
"What did you want to tell An - Mommy?"


The End

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