Music Teacher

A little girl takes inspiration from her music teacher.

Daniel knocked on the door. Knock, knock, knock.

The door swung open. "Yes, how may I help you?" said a woman politely. Daniel stuck out his hand. "Daniel Samuels. Pleasure."

"Ah. Anna Johnson. Same to you. Do come in."

Daniel politely stepped inside, and took of his hat and coat, which he folded into his arms. "I'm here to be teaching your... daughter, I take it?"

Anna nodded."Yes."

"Is she particularly fond of music? Or did she simply want it as a hobby?"

"Oh, about that. She is very  fond of music, but I suggested it to her so she agreed. The thing is..." Anna lowered her voice a bit, "....My little girl is a bit.... shy. She doesn't like participating in events, or socialising. The only time she's quite chatty is when she has music somewhere around her, or on her mind. You see, I'm afraid this un-scocialising is..."

"Bad for her health?"

"Yes, precisely. And she seemed quite happy at my suggestion so..."

"Mommy? Mommy, is somebody here?"

A small, fair-haired girl walked down the stairs. She was slim, with pale skin, and three silver bangles on her wrist. She had a white top on with a pink halo on it, and jeans with flowers on them. 

She froze at the sight of the man in her living room.

"Who's this?"

Mrs.Johnson saved Daniel from an awkward hello."Oh, darling, this is Mister Daniel Samuels. He's here for your music lessons. I told you he'd be coming today." Daniel smiled gently and waved. The girl lingered. 

"Now, Daniel, I'll be paying you by the hour, so, two hours every week?Properly starting next week, obviously, but a get-to-know-you today?" asked Anna.

"Certainly. Shall I start?"

"Please do."
Mrs.Johnson softly but firmly guided her daughter upstairs, after beckoning to Daniel to follow. He ran a hand through his dark hair.

She sat the two in a quite big, tiled room, with great white walls. It was covered with dozens of paintings, drawings, and poems. Daniel stood, quite fascinated, gazing at the sketches that had been taped and tacked to the wall or filed into cabinets.Some of them were great works of art for a child so young.

"What are we doing today?"

Daniel slowly turned around. The little girl was sitting on a green plastic chair in a set of four chairs, one red; one blue, one yellow; and the green one. There was also a big wooden chair in a corner. Daniel took the wooden chair and sat it near the table. He seated himself.

"First," he said, "I am going to find out your name."
The girl said nothing.
"What is your name?"

There was a pause. Then, "Miranda."

Daniel smiled. "Hello Miranda."

A half smile drifted over Miranda's face. "Hi."
An awkward pause."How old are you?"

"Eight." Daniel was slightly shocked. She was younger than she looked, thought Daniel."And a half."

"Ok. Well, what instrument do you want to learn?"
Miranda glances out the window. "I'm not sure."

"Do you like guitars?"
She shook her head no.


Still no.

"Ok, how about a violin?"
Miranda tilted her head thoughtfully. "I guess so."

An idea struck him. "What about piano?"
Miranda looked doubtful. "I can't play both?"

Daniel was surprised. "You want to play both?"

Miranda shrugged."They both seem nice. I guess."

"Hm. We'll have to ask your mommy, ok?"

"Ok." This word flipped Daniels world upside-down. It was spoken with such honest sirenity and sweetness, Daniel smiled.

"Why are you smiling?" Miranda questioned.

"Oh nothing."

"Mommy says theres a reason for everything."
"Ph really?"


"Ok, then. I'm smiling because you are the most pure student of mine yet. And you can't play music without a pure soul."

"A pure soul?"

"Someone so kind the heavens adore them."

This comment at once lit up Mirandas face and she glowwed. Daniel only wished she would smile again. 


The End

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