Music of the Modern Heart

I often just write whatever is on my mind and in my heart. Here is one such situation.

The Music of my Heart, it's glorious and completely confusing. I beat the drums to a dance that I don't know. It's pretty random and fully loaded with all sorts of rifts. No sense to be made of it, just following along hoping that somehow I'll figure myself out.

Swaying in time to the tune that swiftly surrounds my heart, I feel like I'm floating along a beautiful spring of water, bobbing up and down to the beat that drums solidly against my chest. There is a *tisk tisk crash, tisk tisk crash* of cymbals and the blood from my heart seems to jump along to the ringing crashes. Keys are pressed in time to the melody brimming out from deep within my soul, I close my eyes and the pulse of *beam beam beam, beam beam beam, boo* while the higher *bing.. bing.. bane... bing.. bing.. bane, din dan* rocks me left, then right, and back again. 

Grab hold of my hand, can you feel it? Do you see the colors of the tones flaring around our heads? It's like a vibrant wave about to collide with the far end of the horizon. The Sun slinking into the distance with a slow and deliberate flow, as if it's listening to the song and is playing along in time. It's the beauty of a moment and it's surrounding us in a flurry of notes that have amassed from the culmination of our yearning hearts. It's a gushing roar that seems silently rushing and yet so thunderously direct, there is nothing left to do except feel. 

This is the Music of the Modern Heart, my heart.

The End

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