Mushroom In The Rain: A mushroom's tale

Alone he was, left in the rain to cry. "Leave me alone!" He called out to anyone who would listen "I have feelings too!"

The mushroom sat in the rain. He was alone, completely alone. He could almost burst with fear and sadness. A toad ran past ignoring him completely. His small black eyes were blurry with tears. There had never been a worse day in his short life, he couldn't imagine worse. "Is it ever going to be sunny again?" He cried into the white misty sky of the forest. A large toad hopped past. There was a evil glint in his eyes. The mushroom grimaced, toads were one of a mushroom's worst fears. But this toad took no notice of the lonely mushroom. The mushroom sobbed heavily. He wished he had at least one friend. But no, no one had noticed the young mushroom not even the cold winter breeze or a kind hearted she-mushroom.


Suddenly he heard thunder. All mushrooms were terrified of thunder. Especially because it could lead to lightning, and there is no mushroom in the whole world who wasn't afraid of lightning..................

The End

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