Elorithryn's Company

How can I not post something after Spook. Afterall she's the one who helped the citizens of my head realize that they have a voice. And now they don't seem to want to stay quiet. Especially with Spook around.

See, there's Morgan from Faerie Bound glaring at Spook's mention of characters changing beyond recognition. She's n-o-t happy with what Spook is doing to Ash, her true love.

And then there is the Rachael (Elorithryn's character) and Shard (Spook's character) relationship. It completely baffles me. I don't know if Racahel is just trying to seduce him, flirt with him, or just wants to be friends. The funniest part is that these two only talk via MSN when Spook and I chat.


Yes I think so.


Absolutely, no question about it.

Not to mention it's great character development. Even if some of them still remain enigmas like Rachael. Then again I think the memory blocks and long term Deep Sleep have played havoc on her brain. Probably doens't help that she's 1/2 Nueri (my own version of werewolf).

The how can I not mention my Vervellian Crew. They are waving at you, Sarah in front. She likes to be friendly, even if she'd rather not be totally in charge. I seem to keep adding characters to that cast, from little Ryan to Hopeful Jeremy. 

They are great friends with Spook's Errionians and now the Skathians from her So-Called Hero series (Warrior & Exile). (Ha Ha Spook you thought that name was gone!)

Well those seem to be the ones playing in my head as of now. Sometimes a dreem will catch a hold of me and its characters will ride the wave until they hit a nice sandy beach, or other perfered location, to rest. Like jeff Brighton who didn't give me rest until I'd written ten differnt ways for him to hook up with Chris. I still have no idea which one he preferred.

Well, I think I've let my stream of conscious go for long enough. If you see any mistakes please point them out. this was written fully on Protagonize; therefore, I did not have any spelling or grammar help from Microsoft Word.


The End

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