Spook and Company

Your author guidance says we all have some "imaginary being" running around in our head. Well, I'm afraid I can't really use the singular tense to describe the many denizens of my somewhat wacky teenage mind. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff that gets in here.

Come in and have a seat... hang on, let me just clear away a few of these plot bunnies.

Coffee? Tea? Dragon dribble perhaps?

Feeling cold? Cuddle the fire imps, but watch out, they spit.

Oh, and if anyone comes running through at any stage, ignore them. They'll just be running in to complain about some nasty plot twist or another that I've inflicted on them. The ghosts too, they're just grumpy. Perhaps if anyone interesting comes by I'll introduce you.

I write a hell of a lot of stories - most never get finished and even those that do continue to haunt me for months afterwards. Not all the stories I write end up here on Protagonize, and sometimes I'll come up with a good idea but then loose interest and never write it at all. But the characters are always here, waiting to be re-assigned. Either that, or they want to have the pleasure of blugeoning me to death themselves.

Adventurers, wizards, ghosts, pixies, thieves, beggars, kings, exiles, forgotten creatures, shadowy hybrids, if you can name it it's probably in here. Some of them get more attention than others, and some can be changed beyond recognition in the course of a few days or months. But they're all in here, and they're all talking to me.

And none of them ever shut up.

The End

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