There's a sarcastic little imp that lives in my head. I call her that snotty  brat, and that's when I'm not mad at her. She makes me say things that I don't really want to say.

I'll tell you what happens  if someone just grunts at me when I say "Good Morning."

The Imp makes me say, " Who peed on your pancakes?"

If someone is really cranky, and hard to live with, the Imp makes me say :

"What bear bit you?"

When someone objects to my second piece of cake, the Imp makes me say:

"I'd rather be fat and happy, than skinny and stupid."

I know, it doesn't make sense to me, either, but that's the Imp for you.

If someone is a real sourpuss, and refuses to laugh at my jokes, the Imp makes say:

 "Aren't you just a great gleaming ball of firey fun?"

This little Imp has a lot to answer for, but whenever she gets me in trouble, she disappears inside my head, and I have to take the blame.

The End

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