The inside of my skull is pretty much empty.  There are some tubes or cords or something coming down from my eyes and ears, and my brain is that little nub at the top of my spinal cord, but the rest is just a dark, empty kind of echo chamber.  A spider crawled in my nose while I was sleeping once, and built a little cobweb.  He starved to death in there.  His little dead body flutters on his web when I sneeze.   

There's a hose coming from the back of my mouth going down into my neck.  One time I swallowed a chicken bone and it poked a hole in that hose.  A mouse got in there somehow, and when I talked to people, they would just stare at my mouth waiting for that mouse to peek out of the hole.  I haven't seen him in a while since the hole healed up.  I'm not sure if he's stuck in there or not.  

The End

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