The Screaming Voice of Reality

You don't exist without me. You don't exist in me. You don't exist.

You create the fantasy that your life has meaning and that you touch people, that relationships and interaction are necessary. You walk that very thin line between accepting the reality of a desolate existence and slightly better alternative that provides you some escape. You use me every day to make sense of what exactly just happened. You never use me for the why of the scene, but you could. You could use me for anything, honestly. You could become everything you dreamt possible, but you don't and you use me to undermine your resolve.

You accept the findings and results and move forward. You don't look back. You can't look back. You won't look back to analyze the missteps or celebrate the victories. Your focus is ever forward, always in front. You think better times lie ahead, that somehow this will transform and mutate into what you want. You are wrong.

You never fight me. You never challenge me. You never silence me.

The End

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