I Am Q

Don't get confused by the title. I'm not that egotistical moron. it's just English phrasing. It's really the reason why I is so full of himself. Narcissistic character.

But enough about him. I'm Q, as I already mentioned. You've met me before, but I hardly reckon you remember me. There's not too many words around with me in them.

You want proof ? How many points is Q worth in Scrabble? That's right ,10 fricking points.

We're the rare ones, outcasts among the other alphabets. Well atleast I share good company, so to speak. J,K and X. They're my only real friends. Well, sort of friends anyway.

You see, X is not a very social character. He generally keeps to himself, doesn't like strangers much. I guess the only real reason we hang out together is because we've been thrown together, ostracised by the alphabet society. K and J, they are weird in their own way too. J is ...well, he's kind of a wannabe, always hankering after I. K, he has his own hangups. I'm not sure but I think he's schizophrenic. He seems to think he's some sort of government secret agent by night and a postal worker by day.

You see, in a way, they are outcasts, But why me ? I don't have any habits. I don't drink, I always stay quiet, I'm quick on the draw. I'm no homophobe, but I definitely ain't a queer. I guess sometimess society just mocks you for not conforming.

That's mostly A's fault too. He keeps leading the alphabet everywhere. Always first in line. Ahead of everyone. A true leader, as some grammatically challenged people might say. Him and his right-hand character, B. You probably think that A and B get along fine. Well, best think again. B can't stand A. B hates it that B's always the bridesmaid, never the bride. If it wasn't for C, you'd probably have D, E and F leading the pack. C's a real pacifist. I like C. D,E and F wouldn't be so bad either. Well, E's always egregious and a bit of a commoner, but he ain't half bad.

But you know who worry me? I mean who really scare and terrify me?

R,S, T.

Yes, that's true. You name the kind of shady deals and they're in it. They're everywhere. Murders, Stealers, Rapists. I wouldn't trust them with nothing. But, people like them, they're stinking rich, they get away with stuf like this and no one even bats an eyelid. Instead, they pick on the little guy. Me. Little old Q who never even hurt a fly.

You probably don't know this, but I nearly quit sometime ago. I just couldn't take it anymore. There's only one thing that keeps me going. My lovely U.

If it wasn't for her, I'd probably not be here. U's the reason I have any words at all. Before U, words would always be afraid of hiring me. But now, U always follows me around, making sure I do my job properly and the words don't mind giving me a question or two, so long as U's by my side.

Well, anyways. That's mostly all about me. Keep an eye out for me. You'll probably find me in some quaint little word, my beloved U right beside me.   

The End

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