In my mind I can fly.

Not in a hang glider  - did that already , off of the sand hills in Kitty Hawk North Carolina.

Not by para sailing - did that already, in Hawaii and Barbados.

not in a glider - did that already, over northern  New York state.

not in a single engine plane - did that already, took flying lessons for awhile in the 1980's.

not in a 727, 747, 767 airliner - did that already, and flew to Hawaii, Los Angeles, Barbados, Florida.

In my mind, I can fly without wings of any kind. I can run and jump into the sky, and just  fly. I can sail through the sky like a fish glides through the water. I don't have to flap my arms, or kick my feet.  I can glide through the air and fly over the tree tops.

In my mind, I can pluck apples, and oranges, plums and pears off of the top of the same tree - in the winter, and I'm not cold.

In my mind, this figment of my imagination is me, and I am 30 years younger, 40 pounds lighter and I can fly.

The End

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