Muses, Figments, and Other Denizens of the Imagination

We all have at least one "imaginary" being of some kind or another running around in our heads. Be it muse, yet-to-be-developed character, or just some random dude, share your figments with us here!

One of the Several Random Folks Running Around My Head

I'm really quite a calm person.  Probably because of my favorite pasttime.


I know, sometimes people look down on it as "dangerous" and such, but I make sure it's completely safe.  I even made myself a room just for this.

SwishhhhhhhhhhTwCLANG.  Ooh.  Bad throw.

Anyway, the room's a square cube (well, what other kind of cubes are there, triangular ones?  Octogonal?) that's about two feet of concrete and steel.  The door's basically a huge bank-safe door.  And when I say huge, I'm not whistling Dixie; this thing's about five times my height.

Now onto the inside.  All the inside sides (I'm not a broken record, honest) are a sturdy, foamy substance of some kind.  The foam on the floor's a bit thinner though; I tend not to have very good balance.  I lock the door tight, after I put out the DO NOT DISTURB SHARP PROJECTILES sign outside.  Then I can take a deep, relaxing breath, and go over to my rack of aforementioned sharp, pointy projectiles.  After that I'll just sit there, back against the ginormous door, and start chucking knives at the wall.

SwishhhhhhhhTHWACK.  Man!  That was a good one!


One of the countless stick figures running around my head, resident knife-thrower

The End

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