Chapter VI: Sex or Hug?Mature

His place was nice; it was big but not too big. I understood from school that Josh’s family was rich. I knew from his house that they certainly knew how to show it. From the outside, it looked like all the houses down here but as he let me in through his front door I had to stop myself from looking around too much. It was clean, the walls were cream and the floors were white. I had to press my hand to my chest to stem the bleeding, making sure I didn’t get it anywhere. Then I walked into the front room.

It was the same shade of cream, but the floors were a rich lacquered wood. Above the large fireplace sat a golden framed mirror and on either side of that stood two white horses, rearing up with the wind in their mane. There were two leather sofas that sat before a large – No – huge TV. He ushered me into one of the seats and I kept my hand pressed firmly into my dress, looking at the floor, at my own reflection.

He disappeared into the kitchen and came back with some alcohol wipes, “you wanna do it?” He asked. My face turned white, I remembered those things and I never liked them. Ever since I was young I was always getting into trouble and they were always there to wipe away the blood. “I can do it if you want,” he shrugged. I swallowed and nodded slightly, moving further back in my chair away from him, he sat on the floor next to me and took my hand in his gently, they were so warm. His touch was graceful, careful as if he took every little movement seriously. But I still closed my eyes firmly, trying not to squirm or squeal as it stung, I could deal with pain, usually, but sometimes when it makes you remember everything that happened in the past, it wasn’t worth dealing with.

When he was done, he wiped it over with a wet cloth to get rid of the sting and leaned back on the coffee table. I whimpered ever so slightly and brought my hand to my chest, looking at how much better it seemed now that it wasn’t stained red: "Th-thank you."

"S'alright, sorry about the sting," he was being kinda sweet. Bless him, heh.

I shook my head, "it- it's fine," I wasn’t stuttering because I was nervous, I wasn’t stuttering because it hurt. I just don’t like talking in front of people, sometimes they make you comfortable and you end up spilling all.

"Not really; I pissed you off enough to go and punch the wall in the first place," well, it would be bad to ruin your pretty face... pretty boy... I need to work on that. 

I nodded slightly, unwilling to argue, "thank you," I whispered again. I must admit, I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. Here I was, sat in his huge house while I squatted in a burnt out hovel.

"Want a drink?" I wanted something hot and told him so, he mentioned coffee and I simply nodded again. While he went to make the coffee I looked around, studying the pictures of him on the wall with a smile, he looked so strange... so disciplined and geeky.

"Hey, you don't mind if I get a shower do you?" I called to him. He came back with the coffees and told me it was upstairs to the left. I used to always steal a shower in the locker rooms at school; my water didn’t work that well, if at all sometimes. I thanked him and when I got out I noticed a baggy t-shirt on the landing, guess he’d noticed my dress was all bloody... but I still didn’t feel right taking it until I asked.

“Can I wear this then?” He nodded and I dropped my towel, slipping into the baggy tee, “thanks.”

“No problem,” he muttered while trying not to watch me dress.

I laughed, "what's wrong, never seen it before?" I giggled again, I imagined he’d seen it a thousand times; Josh was talked about quite a bit by the girls in school.

"Seen it plenty of times; I'm trying to be polite," as I thought, see, told you so. Little gigolo.

"Don't be, I don't mind."

"Used to this kinda thing, then?"

"Not really, I just don't mind, in fact I think you're the first person to see me like that," when you’re a gothic outcast that’s famed for a short temper and carrying a knife... it’s hard to get a boy friend. Though, I realised I could’ve picked one up quite easily if I’d just flung myself out like all the other lasses did.

He smiled, "no boyfriend or girlfriend, then?"

"No," would’ve thought that was obvious. He kept smiling at me, saying nothing but a thoughtful look in his eyes. “What?” I smiled back.

"Nothing. Just wondering about you, I guess," social whore wants to know about me, curious...interesting.

"What about me?”

"Well I don't know much about you, do I, so it's only natural to wonder. Like why you live in a wreck of a house - but don't worry, I'm not expecting an answer to that one." Good! I don’t expect people to be so damn nosey about their guests... there was no point in being that snappy with him, heck; I may even a friend out of this.

"Yeah, well. No one does. That's just me; you only get what's on the outside."

"Maybe I'll find some answers when I find your heart, hmm?"

"Hmm, maybe,” then again, maybe not “till then you don't have to hide from seeing me naked y'know, it's not that bad hmm?" I laughed.

"I wasn't hiding, it's just called manners. Though if you don't mind me looking..." he winked

"Which I don't."

"Are you gonna be staying here the night?" he wondered aloud after a moment of looking at me, "Only I haven't made the bed in the spare room."

"I dunno yet." He nodded thoughtfully.

"Well, I have work tomorrow so I'll have to get my stuff..."

"Sure, well your place isn't too far; we can walk if you like. Or I can drive you over."

"I dunno... I couldn't possibly stay here."

"Why not?"

"What would I do about rent?"

"It's just one night," he laughed, "you don't need to pay rent for one night."

"I can't sleep here for nothing."

"Unless it's sex, I honestly don't mind if you stay here for nothing."

"Well I do, I have to pay you with something."

"Why? Most people would love to have something for free," he tilted his head slightly, "strange child."

"I was brought up with manners and of course I would like something free, but hospitality is not one of those things, please. Anything."

"Okay," he nodded, "sex or a hug - you choose."

"A hug: why a hug?"

"I like hugs as much as I like sex," he laughed, "and you don't really know me, so I'm not expecting sex."

"And you call me a strange child. Fine then, one hug,” he wrapped his arms around me and I couldn’t help but smile. I could feel his muscles beneath his t-shirt as he held me close. Damn... I squeezed him a little tighter, finding myself unwilling to let him go, his hands linked in the small of my back comfortably as he held me there.

After a small while he reluctantly pulled back from the hug, "wanna go get your stuff?"

"Yeah," I muttered, frowning slightly.

"What's up?"

"You let go." I frowned again, murmuring something about wanting to choose sex instead. It would’ve been a wiser choice; it wouldn’t have led to all this...closeness.

"Apologies," he smiled, "we can pick up where we left off when we get back, hmm?"

"Sure... you'll be my first you know."

"Really?" Why so surprised? I mean... just, why? The look of surprise on my face made me laugh, “don't be so shocked!"

"Sorry," he smiled.

The End

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