Chapter III: Party?Mature

There was an awkward silence walking home, I couldn’t find out what made me act so different with him, why the hell did he manage to melt my exterior? How? I glanced at him, staring at his looks, sure he was cute. With his sparkling eyes and spiked hair, heck, he was really cute. I started to become dazed as I thought about him and I cursed myself, though admittedly it wasn’t that bad.

But he broke my dream when he decided to talk, "You alright?"

 "Umm, yeah," I stuttered as he caught me off guard before returning to my usual state, "yes. I'm just fine, why'd you ask?" I get really defensive when someone catches me off guard, just a warning.

"You're being very quiet, that's all," well if you haven’t noticed Einstein, I’m not very talkative anyway.

 "Thinking, this is... new for me. I'm used to being alone, so I'm sorry my company won't be that amazing," fuck it, my company won’t be worth jack.

"Oh that’s fine."

"I'm not so inhospitable all the time. Just, reputation to uphold, you know?" Yeah, I don’t care about my reputation. I don’t become the rebel so people love me for shouting at teachers and skipping school. I’m the rebel so people stay away from me and leave me alone. I guess I got a short temper from that too. It’s very rare for me to be this cool.

"Yeah, I know. I've got one too - everyone knows me as the friendly guy, but I'm not always in a friendly mood," he shrugged, hah, I couldn’t imagine social whore to turn and shout at someone. Well, I could imagine him fighting with me.

 I held a hand to my mouth in mock shock, "never!" I gasped.

 "Oh, you know it," he winked, giving me a playful shove and I actually laughed as I stumbled a few steps away from him. Nudging him back as I took my place beside him I suddenly felt very comfortable.

"You should stop by the music room more... if you want to." Okay, I was feeling too comfortable, that room was a room that I could stay away from everyone. To be alone and to play, I would never, ever invite someone to watch... what was wrong with me?

"Yeah, maybe, I prefer my garage... but you never know. You might see me up there again sometime soon," I suddenly really wanted to squeal, like one of those popular kids when they get a date with a guy off the football team, get a grip.

I smiled and nodded instead, "cool."

 "You're welcome to come over and jam some time if you like;” he offered as our pace slowed, we neared my house and we both wanted this conversation to last longer, awkwardly.

 "Oh uh..." I stuttered. I was actually invited to someone else's house? Wow. Savour this moment, "I don't know where you live though...” blew it.

He just laughed and pointed his thumb over his shoulder, "We just walked past it a couple of minutes ago,” what? Why’d he keep walking, the weird social whore.

 "You should've gone! Now you're just gonna have to walk back, stupid," I sighed, trying not to accentuate the word, ‘stupid.’

"What and sit in my room being a Facebook whore instead?" he shook his head smiling; "I don't mind walking with you," this I chose to ignore, seeing as he was obviously lying.

 "Is that all you do after school, Facebook?" I laughed, although I never really saw it coming, because I expected him to go out with friends all the time. I did expect that if the social whore was to stay at home he’d whore it up on the social websites.

"Homework... Facebook... music... Facebook," he thought for a moment, "I need a life,” I nodded in agreement.

 "You need a girlfriend," I laughed again, but a life works too. I don’t know why I said this and I hoped that he didn’t think of anything meant by it. By this time we had reached my house, though I was a little reluctant to stop the conversation. I stopped just a little away from my house. 

"Yeah, well, maybe I'll find one at my mate's party on Saturday," he joined in the laughter, "You know Jacob, right?"

 "Yeah, a little," all I knew was that he was a sex-obsessed popular twat. It was enough to say I did know him.

"So I'll see you there then, right?" Hah, me, party? What you been smoking?

 "I... haven't been invited,” I muttered to continue being polite.

"Consider yourself invited." He paused, "you're the rebel. Get rebellious." he grinned and I wanted to slap him again.

I rolled my eyes and laughed, "Meet me here, on my door tonight at seven. We'll go to Shots. I'll unlock your rebellious side," I grinned, motioning toward a house a little in the distance, "that is, if you're up to it," I challenged him, my brow rising a little.

"You think I'm not capable of rebelling?" he laughed and I shook my head, "I'll be here. See ya later," yeah bye... weird guy.

I smiled, "Yeah, see you." He laughed again and walked away as I called after him with the remark, ‘goody-two-shoes.’ That’s what he was, he was friends with everyone and focused on being kind to people, even if they did hate his guts. I unlocked the door to my shabby house and breathed a sigh of relief. Empty.  

The End

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