Murky DepthsMature

The young Callie-Rose Clarke is a police woman on her way to the top, but can she and her team find out the cause of Jack White's murder?
Is it as simple as it seems? Or is there a hidden secret waiting to be revealed?


The only witness to the unspeakable act was a small child.

The imposing archway loomed overhead.  The aqua tunnel was long and the huge creatures swam tantalizingly close to the thick glass.  It looked as if it was about to collapse under the weight and pressure from the water.

He watched as the object slowly sank into the water.  Bubbles of air momentarily acted as a screen to the shrunken, black object.  It was curled up and the flimsy material that at first had clung to the object was now starting to float freely.

The water clouded as a sooty mess was soaked off the thing in question.  Venturing, ever so slowly, towards their gift from the air above, the black mist drew the terror striking creatures in.

Light tapping sounds reached the ears of the small boy - like muffled crunching footsteps in pure, fresh snow.

The child redirected his attention to the other side of the aqua tunnel behind him. Realising there was nothing of interest; he completed a 360' spin to wind up facing the original side of the tank.

The cloud masking the object cleared.

The child's mother walked towards him on his call; she sensed his distress and walked faster to his aid.  The child turned sullenly and pointed into the tank at the abnormality.

The mother pivoted on her heel and stared - unmoving for a few confused moments.  The scream that followed slashed the silence like a knife.

Her arms flew around him in a protective stance; as if she could obliterate every moment of horror he had just witnessed.  

A shrill shrieking noise seemed to come from thin air, like the air of a balloon being let out too quickly.  It took a few moments for the woman to realise it was her.  

She gradually regained control over her voice.  She shouted, yelled, screamed and pleaded for help.  

Silence was all that returned.

And then, all hell broke loose.

The End

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