We ran together through the new-lieing mist. At least it had stopped snowing.
I didn't know where we were going, I just knew we had to get out, then I had a thought, Jazzie.

Jazzie is the absoulutley bestest friend a guy could find. She lived not far from where we were. But, things were complicated between me and her, no one knew we were friends, not even her mum and dad. This was because everyone thought I was mental or something. Always getting into trouble at school.
We held secret meetings in my alley. She had to make excuses like "I'm going for a walk." to get out of her house. We could talk for ages, loosing track of time until her dad came looking for her.

Scooter and I turned left quickly and I saw her house. I wasn't quite sure how to get in without her mum or dad seeing me. Suddenly I had an idea, her room was on the bottom floor. All I had to do was knock on her window and climb in. Genius!

I knocked on the window gently. I could see her inside. Dancing around her room. She was gorgeous. Long auburn hair down to the middle of her back and flashing blue eyes. She noticed me knocking so opened the window carefully, trying to not make a noise.
'Tom! What are you doing... Oh for fucks sake Tom!' She saw Charlies blood on my hand and shirt, there wasn't much on me, but from that blood she knew what happened. She beckoned to me to climb in.
Once I was inside she got me a towel for the blood and sweat. I wiped myself clean.
'Tom? What've you done?' She looked me in the eyes. This was when I myself realised. Tears started to build up, in both our eyes.
'I killed Charlie Gone.'

The End

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