Snow and ScooterMature

The snow blinded me as I ran round the corner into the alleyway.

I had been living there, ever since my mother died a few years ago. My father went to war just after, leaving me to defend for myself, which I can do. I couldn't let the authorities take me away. So I ran to this alley from my house. I lived just across the road. There are some snooty adults living there now, they totally messed up my room...
Charlie Gone was the first of many that I killed.
I never meant for it to get far. Just that one boy.

I grabbed my tatty suitcase my dad sent over from Iraq for me. I packed up, knowing I would be blamed and found guilty of Charlies death. Although, I didn't really have anything to pack, all I had was my bear from when I was a baby, I wouldn't have kept it if it hadn't been given to me by my mother, and my dog. (Well I didn't really pack pack him.)
Scooter is my one and only white german shepard. My father thought I would be lonely. Only having one friend at school. I didn't worry about school, or grades, there was no point of them unless you actually wanted to do something with your life.  

'Scooter!' I called, he is sort of wild as he comes and goes in my alley whenever he pleases. But he does always come when hes called. Sure enough a large white mound was moving fast towards me. I knelt down on the cold snow to give him a massive bear hug.

The End

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