the twist

Jenna’s peach-like undertone skin was turning unusually white, her pupils dilated strangely and her mouth opened and closed like a stunned fish. Jenna knew she could not let Betty get her way, she must clear James’ name. Sluggish, she used her remaining strength left to lift her finger to her very own crimson red blood and scribbled Betty’s name on a flyer, which flew out of the garbage bin nearby, next to her. Her index finger was pointing at the name before her last breath.

Never did Jenna nor Betty thought that a peeping Tom placed a video camera to record women’s skirt at the corner of the garbage bin that night. Jenna’s body was hence, found by him. Though his actions were unruly but thanks to him, the entire truth could be revealed.

Betty was, of course, charged with first degree murder with the evidences of the video and Jenna’s last notes. She was sentenced death. James, on the other hand, was living in regret as he was waiting for her at her house that very night, waiting for their reconciliation. But she never came home, never again…

The End

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