Ruffling FeathersMature

Where Diana had no problem flirting and using her wiles to get what she wanted, to get what sheneeded, she wasn't particularly fond of doing so. Nevertheless it was one of those necessary evils in which she had to dabble in from time to time. Having exhausted all other avenues short of spreading her legs in front of the camera - which she wouldneversink to doing- Diana was left to take out all the stops and make a valiant attempt to woo the man or at least seduce him. She wasn't sure he had a heart to woo or to melt if his sadistic choice in films he produced were any indication. That and she'd seen him take home at least half a dozen different girls the past few weeks. Funny thing that. She hadn't seen them all leave his house. Of course that was assuming he hadn't chauffeured them out of his estate himself. It wasn't exactly easy to follow inconspicuously during the day and besides, after two nights of camping out half a block away from his home, Diana gave up the all-night surveillance. Besides, nothing happened after he retired for the night anyway.Nothing. No one came and no one went except for his friend a very few times.

A couple of Diana's friends she'd filled in on a very select few of the details of her current story thought her obsessed, but she preferred to believe she was merely dedicated. It had taken years to get her where she was and not just because half the men she'd worked for had thought her nothing more than an ignorant southern belle. Diana was anything but and she strove to prove as much with every task she had, every story she penned. Victor Bane though-or more accurately, the "Rottweiler Rapist"-would be her big break. At thirty-eight, she sure as hell deserved it. Most would have given up at her age, but failure was not in her vocabulary despite the rejection she'd faced over the years. She'd made it to L.A. and she'd somewhat made a name for herself even if mostly in tabloids and gossip rags. Hey, it was a start. This though, this story would be big. It might even come with movie rights. Just thinking about it was enough to make her salivate and shove aside any reservations she might have had about jumping in headfirst. Victor Bane didn't scare her and the "Rottweiler Rapist"? Well... Diana would just have to see about that.

Already she could tell the man was absolutely full of himself, but then she'd known that even before he'd uttered a single word to her. Three weeks of watching from afar had made her perhaps overconfident. She'd toy with him though and part of her was sure she would enjoy it. Maybe she could even knock him down a peg in the process. Not too many though. She couldn't usurp him completely without fear of turnabout and plus she needed her story. Getting on his bad side wasn't something she was keen on doing. Assuming hewasthe serial killer she was after, Diana could imagine that pissing him off would only add her to the growing list of his victims and she couldn't have that. So instead of snapping at him irritably when his reply turned vulgar, she gave him a demure little smile and didn't respond right away. Thankfully the bartender had returned with her drink in which she was able to delay her own response. Taking a sip, she swiveled on her own stool to give him a once over in return before scoffing lightly. "I said I've heard of you. I haven't seen any of your pornos." She chose her wording deliberately, her dark eyes flashing as she looked up to meet his. "I heard you have a penchant for making girls scream, for making them bleed." Her brows rose as she turned her statement into a question with just her facial expression. Rough sex wasn't a crime and she knew that, but she couldn't help but try and ruffle his feathers a little. Her eyes strayed from his down to his mouth and then the line of his jaw. She'd admired from afar and though she would adamantly deny any sort of attraction for him, she could see why the women flocked to him. 

The End

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