Murder She Wants to WriteMature

Ever since the cops had dubbed their guy the "Rottweiler Rapist," Diana Colson had been hooked. She'd been intrigued by the murders to begin with, but the name they'd given him just made it positively delicious! If she could get the scoop on this guy, on these crimes it just might get her a deal with a publisher. That was if she was lucky. At the very least, it should get her a front page spread of from one of the nation's best newspapers and that would be good enough for her. It would be a lot of work not to mention likely dangerous, but Diana had always been a little daring. She loved a good adventure and this story would be anything if not a trip. Working freelance and taking jobs as they came in allowed her ample opportunity to investigate between gigs and so she began compiling notes, conning records clerks and homicide detectives into if not outright providing her information on the cases, then at least giving her access. Of course those that granted her access didn't exactly know they were doing so. To say that Diana was sly would have been an understatement, but she didn't get to become a successful freelance writer by sitting on her ass and letting the jobs come to her.

Three weeks worth of hunting and gathering all the details she could and Diana was as close to the prime suspect as the cops were. The only difference was that she wouldn't necessarily break any laws by continuing their investigation. She was as covert as could be as she followed the man from his Hollywood Hills mansion to his place of business and then later to the social scenes he frequented. He was a busy man, Victor. On several occasions she'd been close enough to eavesdrop on his conversations, but had remained under his radar or so she thought. Nothing anywhere near incriminating had been said which wasn't surprising, but this spying was becoming dull and boring. Diana was anything if not impatient though she did exercise the virtue as much as she could. Tonight though would be different. Tonight Diana would approach the man herself and strike up conversation. Oh, she wasn't foolish enough to come right out and make accusations, but she would strive to endear herself to him and hope to gain his trust in some form or fashion. Maybe she'd even be lucky enough to warrant in invitation to leave with him which might provide her a more up close and personal look at his life and in other words, give her the opportunity to snoop right under his nose.

Though she was comfortable with her body, Diana didn't make a habit of wearing clothing as revealing as the deep plum dress she wore that evening. She'd taken more than a few mental notes as to what she'd interpreted the man's preferences to be or at least what had caught his eye in the past and skin was definitely one of them. Still, she couldn't help but feel more than a little underdressed as she tugged a little self-consciously on the hem of the dress just before she was granted entrance to the fancy nightclub. One thing about the man that she'd noted was that he didn't skimp when it came to expenses. Instead of slinking around so as to avoid his direct line of vision, Diana took a moment to let her eyes adjust to the lightening and to spot him before striding right up to him. Her pride wouldn't allow her to dive right into the palm of his hand just yet, so with a coy little grin, she continued right past him and moved a couple of steps to his right to order a mojito. Only once she was finished placing her order did she turn to look up at the much larger man. "I've heard all about you Victor Bane," she drawled, lazily leaning against the bar as much to appear casual as to give him a better view. Distractions were key. 

The End

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