Nine: October 27th 2008Mature

BECKY was laying deathly pale, eyes closed, in the early morning sunlight as Scott walked up to her room in the Hospital. She had been moved from the Royal Infirmary two days ago after the Doctors had said her condition was stable enough.

Nurses had been walking in and out of her room for the past few hours, checking on her condition and putting in the notes that it had been steadily improving.

Her eyes suddenly flickered open, then slowly closed again. She was so tired. She stayed still for a few moments, and took in her surroundings, from behind closed eyes.. She lay in her bed surrounded by cleanliness and machinery. After a while the constant beeping of the heart monitor became gradually more and more annoying.

Slowly the past came flooding back to her. She remembered the alleyway. And Josie. And the knife.

As soon as she saw the glint of the knife in the dim light in her head, her eyes shot open.

“Josie!” she called to no-one in particular.

A grunt in the corner of the room next to her bed made Becky sit up and look around. Srg. Scott Quinn was sat curled up in a chair half asleep.

Becky smiled to herself. He looked so cute when he was sleeping.

He must have read her thoughts because he woke up just as she thought it.

His eyes blinked open. He lifted his head, and rotated his neck. It was stiff from sleeping curled up in an armchair. Then he noticed Becky.

“You’re awake,” he whispered to himself in disbelief. “You’re actually awake! I thought you would never come back!”

Scott leapt out of his chair and hugged her and kissed her on the ear. They held each other in their arms for some time. Eventually Becky’s arms slid off his back. He followed. She gazed into his intense eyes, and smiled.

“Well? What have I missed?” she asked, beaming.


Ben walked in, feeling exhausted from a hard days work. He slung his bag up on a hook and collapsed against the door, burying his head in his hands. He pushed his back into the rough wood and breathed deeply for a few moments.

Ben heard Ali cough in the lounge. He walked into the lounge, which was lit dimly by the wall lights. Slumping himself into a comfy armchair, Ben picked up some case files, which were sitting on the floor next to him, and began to flick through them.

“Good day?” Ali asked.

“Hmmm…” Ben said, not really reply or listening, just acting. That was what he did best.

“Fine,” Ali muttered. Stood up. And stormed off to bed.

Ben just sat there shaking his head. What was this Marriage coming to?

“God help me,” he muttered, and soon followed her.


Becky was sat in bed, reading. It was about 8 o’clock and it was still a bit dark outside. The lamp was turned on by her bed, though it made little difference. Her middle still hurt where Josie had stabbed her over a week ago. Scott had been coming to visit her everyday and he was always bringing flowers from the people at work. Charlotte had brought her a huge bouquet of Black Roses (she wasn’t quite sure why). Her room was decorated with Carnations, Roses and a huge abundance of other flowers of many colours shapes and sizes, along with the biggest pile of grapes you had ever seen. Plus one orange, and a banana.

Scott stuck his hand it the top bag on the pile and pulled out a handful of grapes and carefully slid them into his mouth. Becky looked at him in horror at him stealing her presents. Scott noticed.

“What!?” he exclaimed, accusingly.

Becky just laughed and shook her head. He was so ridiculous. While Scott continued to scoff grapes like they were going out of fashion, Becky picked up the book she had been reading, unfolded the page where she had last got to and began to read again. She was stuck into Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and it was difficult to put down. Although she was engrossed in the book, she occasionally peeked out of the corner of her eye to watch Scott pop a few more grapes into his mouth.

A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. A pretty, peroxide blonde young nurse walked in the door.

“Hey Becky. Hey Scoot. Becky, I just popped in to check up on you, do you’re ob’s… and have a natter! OK?”

“Sure! It’s nice to have some different company!” she said teasingly.

Heidi laughed and said “You alright Scott?”

“Much better now thanks, Heidi,” Scott replied, grinning. His eyebrows raised as he did so. His smile, pearly white.

When Heidi had finished all her ob’s and necessities, she sat herself down on the bed.

“Right. Do tell me stuff. The other nurses never talk about anything interesting!”

“I don’t know do I Heidi!”

“What!” Scott cried “You! Not know what to say! What drugs have you given her and when can I have some to slip her!”

Heidi chuckled to herself.

“What book you reading?” she asked.

“Twilight. It’s fantastic. You have to read it. I’ll lend it to you when I’m done.”

“Sure. Ok. Well, I’d best get back to my rounds. Speak to you both soon.”

“Bye Heidi!” Becky called after her. Scott waved.

As Heidi left the room, Charlotte Andrews appeared in the doorway.

“Becky! You’re awake!”

“Hi Charly. Yeah, I’m awake. Come in, and tell me about the Black roses!”


Ben was Scott’s stand in for a while as he was taking leave to take care of Becky. At first he thought it was cute that Scott had taken leave, meaning no pay, to take care of her. The whole office knew they fancied a bit of each other, but no one knew why they didn’t just get together. Charlotte had been dropping what she called “subtle” hints recently but nether seemed to have got the message. Ben had offered to take over from Scott, but now her wished that Scott was coming back in one week rather than the two. He hadn’t thought exactly what Scott’s position entailed and was now discovering that it wasn’t just sitting on your arse all the time, signing a few forms and typing up a few papers every now and again. Running a few errands and such. He really wished he had let Chief Michael Burrows take the job instead.

“Although,” he thought to himself as he stared out the partially frosted glass wall that faced out onto Reception, “At least he got a nice office.”

The End

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