Eight: October 24th 2008Mature


AS Becky was walking back to the car, she got the feeling that she was being watched, back again.

She reached the car, and grabbed hold of the handle. Becky pulled at the handle, but just as she did, she heard a voice. A voice that knew her name.


“Hello Becky,” the voice said hauntingly.

“Hello” Becky replied, remaining calm.

“I believe you have been looking for me. And I also believe, you know who I am.”

“Well I’m afraid to tell you I don’t know who you are, so I can’t say that I’ve been looking for you.”

“Lies. Step backwards Becky. Into the alley. Look casual.”

Becky began to walk backwards into the alley, just as the person had told her to. As she passed between the two buildings, Debenhams and some other one, the stench of mould, damp and stale pee, hit her like an atomic bomb. She tried not to wretch.

“Turn around.”

Becky hesitated for a moment, and then slowly, cautiously, turned. Outside, she was calm, inside she was terrified. Screaming to herself. She closed her eyes as she turned.

“Hello Becky,” the voice said. Except it had changed. It was no longer the creepy “Gollum- like” voice. It was a soft female voice.

Becky snapped her eyes open.

“Josie,” she gasped.

In front of her stood the blonde who she had know from Secondary School. Josie Turner had also gone to Winscombe Youth Theatre all those years ago.

“Oh for god’s sake Becky, I know we went to WYT but there’s no need for acting now. It’s not like you didn’t know it was me,” Josie muttered bitterly. She quickly turned around.

Becky saw the moment and seized it with all her might. She radioed in for backup, very quickly so Josie wouldn’t hear her. But she did and as soon as she hear her calling for backup murmuring;

“This is 23259 to control calling for emegen-

“BITCH!” Josie screamed and lunged herself at Becky.

Both women flew to the floor and into the mud. They began to fight. Becky scratched at Josie’s eyes, and tried to fling her off. Unable to get anywhere she hit the panic button on the device on her hip. This sent a radio message back to control to alert that an officer was in a potentially fatal situation. Distracting Josie with a punch to the nose as she did so, she attempted to roll over and off and run. But then Becky saw it. The glint of metal in the dimly lit alleyway.

In a panic, Becky carried out her plan. She rolled over so that she was on top of Josie. She punched her again. Josie’s grip on Becky’s shirt loosened and Becky rolled off quickly and strongly and began to run.

But Josie had also got up off the floor and was running after her. She lunged at Becky and drove the blade of the knife deep into her lower back.

Becky let out a cry of pain and fell to the ground. Josie turned and ran away from the busy Broadmead streets, and into the darkness of the alley.

Becky lay bleeding on the ground. Growing colder by the second.


“This is 23259 to control calling for emergen- BITCH!-“

Amy’s eyes widened and she hit the panic button and picked up the microphone.

“Attention everyone. Emergency backup is needed for Inspector Rebecca Millard. Riot Gear and come to Reception.

Scott Quinn, Ben Cole, Stuart Ivory, Lee Turner, Libbie Harris, Oli Norman and Michael Burrows. Can you please grab Riot Gear and come to Reception. Thank you.”


Scott was on the verge of panicking. He kept flicking his hair out of his eyes.

He turned down the road past the House of Fraser. He saw Debenhams looming up in front of home. He swerved the car to the side of the road. He jumped out and legged it to the side of the building. He noticed the patrol car at the side of the road. He looked down the corridor. The people walking along the path.

He slowly edged towards the alley’s perimeter. The darkness fell in on him. The stench of stale urine hit him, and he wretched.

He noticed a figure lying on the floor. He increased his pace. His heart pounded in his ears. He didn’t want to look but something dared him to…

“Scott…” a voice said, very weakly.

Adrenaline kicked in and he looked, but before he did, he knew it was her.

“Becky…!” he cried.

 Becky reached up to him, and he knelt down beside her.

“It’s gonna be o.k.” Scott whispered, wiping the hair out of her eyes.

His hair kept falling in front of his eyes as he lent over Becky to feel for her pulse.  It was weak but still there. He flipped out his mobile and called for an Ambulance. He kept talking to Becky about and random thing that popped in his head, just to keep her awake.

In the end he gave up and just lent over her and lowered himself towards her. Then he passionately kissed her on the lips. His tears dripped onto her pale skin. He held her in his arms until he could hear the sirens of the Ambulance screaming in the distance. The blood ran rivers across the creases in his shirt. He stared into her eyes and lost himself.


Michael Burrows was pacing up and down in the street outside the alleyway where Scott had disappeared into, about 20 minutes ago.

He heard the faint sound of screaming Ambulance sirens in the distance and it sounded like it was coming in this direction. That did it for him. He walked forward toward the alleyway.

The stench of urine hit him but he kept on walking. An expression of dead seriousness fell placed upon his face. He may be 30 but his facial features and body posture kept him 20. Striding into the alleyway with his head slightly lowered and the Stetson hat perched on his head, jacket flapping behind him.

“Scott!” he called out. You could tell he was slightly annoyed.

Michael noticed two figures on the floor a few feet away; although in the dark the feet looked like miles.

“Scott,” he said again. Scott didn’t reply. “Scott.” Scott looked up.

“Becky…” he whispered.                   

Michael looked down and saw Becky’s lifeless figure lying on the floor. He leant down over her and listened for breathing. It was fair but there.

“Okay Scott. Help me lift her up and get her outside into the fresh air. Can you do that Scott?” Michael asked.

A few seconds later Scott looked up and nodded. Michael nodded back.

“Good. Grab her ankles. I’ll hold her shoulders.”

Scott did as he was told and Michael grabbed Becky’s shoulders. They both lifted Becky up together, and quickly carried her outside. The Ambulance was coming down the road. A female Paramedic jumped out and ran over to the group of Officers and Inspectors.

Michael explained the situation.


“Ok- It’s a 27 year old female. Knife wound to the upper abdominal area. No other noticeable injures. Very weak pulse and breathing,” Michael informed the Paramedic.

“Thank you Sir. What’s her name?” The Paramedic asked.

“Becky,” Scott said.

“Ok. Thank you,” she said, and walked over to Becky who was lying on the pavement. “Hello Becky, I’m Rosie. Can you hear me?” Rosie asked.

Very weakly, Becky squeezed her hand.

“Ok Becky. We’re gonna take you down to the hospital ok? They’re gonna look after you okay?”

Becky squeezed Rosie’s hand again.

“Brilliant. Ok Becky, we’re just gonna do all the usual, to make sure you don’t hurt yourself anymore, and then we’ll whip you down to the BRI ok?” Becky squeezed her hand.

“Good. Ok.”

Rosie began to kit Becky up when she said; “Scott.”

“I’m here, Becky. It’s ok. It’s gonna be ok. It’s all right. It’s gonna be ok, I promise.”

The End

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