Seven: October 24th 2008Mature

IT was a Friday. The one day in the week, where almost nothing was always happening.

Becky was sat at her desk, doodling hearts on her notepad and putting hers and Scott’s name in it, to the side of it and on top and bottom of it. The quickly shredding as soon as she had filled up the page, to avoid anyone ever being able to spread rumours, or worse, Scott finding out.

She picked up her mobile phone and flipped it open. Faye didn’t work Thursdays, Fridays or Sundays. She was too busy with her kids and husband. Becky dialled the number and it began to ring….

“Hello! How can I help you?” Faye answered.

“Hey, Faye! It’s Becky.”

“Aww! Hey, Becky. What can I do for ya?!”

“Well. It’s about a guy.”

“Stop right there… Is it Oli?”


“Well then it’s Scott.”

“How did you know that!?”

“Because, girl! It’s obvious you’ve been crushing on him for ages! Almost everyone in the office knows except him!”



“Ok. So. What do I do about it?”

“Well, first of all you have to be sure you like him.”

“Oh, I’ve done that!”

“But are you sure he likes you back?”

“Erm. Well no. Not really.”

“OK! Well. You definitely need to find that out. Who does Scott tell almost everything to? That you know as well, of course. It has to be someone you can trust.”

“Well, that narrows it down to one person. Amy-face.”

“Right. Go ask her about Scott and whether he ever says anything to her about you, then, if she says yes, you know that the probabilities of him liking you are through the roof!”

“Faye, how do you know this will work?”

“Becky, do you really think I’m a Virgin to all of this?”

“No, I s’pose not.”

“Right! So go and ask her!”

“Okies. Thanks, Faye! Speak soon!”


Becky snapped the phone shut and walked down to Reception. Becky arrived at Reception only to find that Amy was on the phone. She quickly turned around and began to walk away, then turned back and walked over to Amy. She waved and Amy waved back, then gestured to wait a second.

Amy put the phone down a few moments later.

“Hey, Becky. What can I do for ya?”

“Amy. You know Scott quite well, don’t you?”

Amy paused to think for a moment. As she did, Becky’s radio went off.

“Control to 23259. You’re needed at 27 Broad Street, between the House of Fraser and Debenhams. There is a group of youths reportedly refusing to leave the premises of an Off-Licence. Underage and requesting Alcohol. Over.”

Becky unclipped the radio from her belt and pressed the speak button.

“Control this is 23259, message received and understood. I’m on my way now. Over and out.”

Becky mouthed to Amy “I’ll talk to you later”. Amy got the message and mouthed back “OK!” and waved.

Becky walked out of the office and over to the Car Park. As she was walking, she slipped the My Chemical Romance CD out of her pocket. It was a compilation CD she had made for when she was on the job. The tracks were a variety of old and new, but they were all classics.

Becky lowered herself into the car and slipped the CD into the slot. She felt like she was being watched as “The End” started to blast out of the speakers. She started up the engine and drove out the car park.

As she was cruising across town towards Broadmead, Becky sub-consciously noticed that the same car had been following her since she left the office.. When she reached the High Street, she took a back alley to try and shake the car off and get there a bit quicker. She needed to cut back on her call/response time.

Soon, Becky pulled up outside Debenhams, got out the car and began to walk casually toward the bunch of youths which were gathered outside the shop. She could see them from where she was. Dressed in blue Lonsdale Hoodies and beat-up old blue jeans, with white trainers. She noticed a baseball cap underneath the hoods of some of the youths. She approached them with caution, but said calmly:

“Afternoon, Guys. What’s the problem here?”

“Ah! Police!” said an elderly man, emerging from the back of the group, “These kids will not leave my store! They bought some items from me and are now demanding I sell them Beer, when they are clearly under the age of 16!”

“OK. What’s your name, Sir?”

“Alex Hebden.”

“Thank you. And how long ago was this?”

“About a half hour.”

Becky took out her notepad and noted down everything that she had been told. The reason for the call out….

“OK. Assuming that you asked these lads to vacate the premises and served them and sold them all the legally bought goods, Mr Hebden?”

“Of course!”

“Then I’m going to give these guys a choice. Either they can leave the premises and not return for the rest of the week, and stay within a 100 yard perimeter. Or they can take a ride downtown with me, and face a criminal record.”

At the mention of a criminal record, the youths turned and began a hasty get-away.

“Thank you, so much, Inspector!” Mr Hebden sighed with relief.

“Any time, Sir!”

The End

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