Six: September 4th 2008Mature

AMY was still at Reception by 7.30. Thinking about the phone call she had received earlier that day. Becca Blythe was tapping away at the computer, logging that days call-outs.

“Hey, Amy,” she said, looking up from the screen.


“What does this say here? I can’t read it. 11.03 I think.”

Amy took a look at the black leather bound book over Beccas shoulder and looked at the ceiling, trying to remember what that had been, then looked at the description again.

“Oh! That was Lee Turners shout. Erm. Some kids had been caught shoplifting in a Tesco’s somewhere nearby.”

“Thanks.” Becca replied  as she put the book back on the shelf and continued to tap away at the keyboard, looking over at the book every once in a while.

Amy rested her chin on the palm of her hand. She was thinking about Eds offer to take her out to dinner. She did like him. A lot. He was very sweet and she knew that. It was just whether her going out with a colleague, and a Police Officer, would be both strange and difficult.

Becca noticed, as usual.

“Are you still thinking about Eds offer to take you out?” she asked in disbelief without looking away from the screen.

“I guess,” Amy replied, “Oh, Becca! Please help me!”

“What is wrong with you woman!” Becca replied, rolling over to Amy on the chair, grabbing her by the shoulder and began to shaker her ferouciusly, pulling a face like a retarded Bulldog as she did so, ”You clearly like him, and he’s just asked you out on a date, and you’re sat here wondering whether it’s a good idea or not! For God’s sake, girl. Take up the offer and if you still like him. There you go. And if you don’t. Oh dear, what a shame never mind! There’s plenty more fish in the sea.”

“How do you do that, Becca?”

“Do what?”

“Know exactly what I’m thinking, without even saying anything?”

“What, you think sitting behind this desk with you for four years and I haven’t picked up a few things about you and everyone else around me?!”

“I suppose. I’m just amazed at how good you are at it!”

“OK. Well? Have you made up your mind?” Becca asked and then realised why Amy was laughing so hard, “Shit. I pulled that face again didn’t I?”

“Yep,” Amy laughed.

“Shit. Oh, never mind. Just say yes, Amy! I’d go out with him!”

Amy looked at her, doubtfully.
“Ok, maybe I wouldn’t. But still! Just say yes! Look, here he comes now.”

“Fine,” Amy whispered, “Hey, Ed!” she called up to the Balcony where Ed was standing talking to Stuart Ivory.

“Yes, Amy! What is it?” Ed called back.

“You know that offer?”

“Mmm hmm,” Ed hummed as he came down the stairs.

“Is it still open?”

“Might be…”

“’Cause if it was. I’d say yes!”

“Well, I’m sorry Amy, but…” Ed began, “I will… have to take you out on a date then!”


“What food d’you like?”

“Chinese. Of course.”

“Well there’s this new place in Broadmead. We could go and eat, then see a movie in the Odeon. Sound good?”

“Sounds great!”

“Good! When does your shift finish?”

“About half an hour. But I’ll have to get changed.”

“OK, well, tomorrow then?”

“Sure. Becca, could I leave early and leave you to man the fort?”

Becca sat there for a moment, then frowned.

“Ohh alright then! Sure. How could I say no, to two lovebirds like you?”

“Oh! Thanks Becca. OK. See you tomorrow then Ed.”

“OK. Right. I’m off. See you tomorrow!”

Amy sighed and watched Ed walk out the door. Then screamed and turned to Becca.

“Becca, I love you! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! AHHHH!”

“I thought you loved, Ed. Silly me!”

Amy laughed.

“Oh my god! You’ve gotta help me choose what to wear!”

“How about, when your shift finishes, we go over to your place and choose out everything for tomorrow. Then tomorrow, I come to your place again, and help you get ready?”

“Oh my God, Becca. Would you?”

“No. That’s why I offered.”

“Thank you so much! You are my guardian Angel.”

“I know.”

The End

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