Five: September 4th 2008Mature

AMY was sat in Scotts office with a cup of cool water in her hands. Her face portrayed a vaguely vacant expression as she did not quite understand what had happened. Scott was sat opposite her.

“Amy? Are you alright now?” Scott asked gently, trying not to startle her.

Amy nodded gently, still in shock, and then looked at Scott. She looked slightly startled.

“Yeah. I’m fine thanks, Scott,” she murmured

“Would you be okay giving a statement telling us what happened?” he asked quickly.

“Yeah. Of course,” she said standing up and taking a sip from her glass of water. She suddenly appeared to be much more alert and aware of her surroundings.

Scott nodded with gratitude and led the way out of his office towards the interview rooms in the basement. He walked down the stairs, past Reception and headed over to the stairs in the corner of the hall. Amy looked cautiously over at the Reception desk. Ed was still following them and Scott turned around.

“Thanks, Ed, but we can manage from here. I’ll just be asking Amy a few questions. We’ll call if we need you!” Scott said, politely, then promptly turned around and walked down the corridor. Amy gave Ed a sweet smile, and quickly followed Scott.


“Interview with Amy Beable, 9th September 2008 at 16:27 hours. Ok, Amy. When you’re ready, tell us what happened,” Scott said calmly across the table.

Amy sat there for a moment staring into the water, as though looking for an answer that she already knew.

“Well, I was talking to Ed at the desk. Becca was out on her break, so I was on my own. The phone started to ring so I said to Ed, “Give me a sec, would you Ed,” and I picked up the phone. I thought it would just be another 999 emergency call, it was a withheld number. I went through the usual crap and then I noticed the person on the other end was breathing quite heavily, as though they were…. Nervous,” Amy said, contemplating for a moment, “Then there was someone else saying something, and the breathing stopped. This voice just said: “I believe you’re looking for me,” or som’in like that, and that was when I knew something was up. So I asked who it was…” Amy trailed off and went silent.

“And they said?” Scott encouraged.

“Your Killer,” Amy replied, looking up.

There was a long silence in the room, until anyone spoke again. The kind of silence, that only happens, once in a lifetime when there are other people in the room. The kind of silence, that sent a shiver down your spine.

“He just came right out and said it. Just like that?” Ben asked, amazed.

“What makes you think the person a guy?” Amy murmured.

“Was the voice male, or female, Amy?” Scott asked.

“Female. No doubt. Even with the muffler that she had, I could tell. But it had a bit of a… growl… I suppose to it. Or that’s what it sounded like, at least.”

Scott nodded in appreciation. Ben just sat there.

“Thanks, Amy. You’ve been a great help. Now we know what this… girl, sounds like, we can do a vocal line up with suspects…” Scott said, as Amy glided out the door.

“Yeah. When we get! some suspects,” Ben laughed.

Scott frowned.

“Interview terminated, 16, 39 hours.”


“Amy! Are you alright?” Ed asked, as Amy strutted down the corridor and into the Reception area.

“OK, thanks, Ed. I think I got it all right. Scott seemed happy,” she replied… “I’ve always hated interviews.”

“Good…… I was wondering… whether you’d want to, erm, go out with me some time?”

“Go out? Like on a date?” Amy asked, surprised.

“Well. Not really. Just out for dinner… or some,” Ed stumbled and then stopped, “Yes. On a date.”

Amy laughed and then stopped to think.

“I’ll have to get back to you on that one, Ed. Not because I don’t want to, because I really do. I just have to check my social calendar,” she beamed.

“Ok. Sure. Do you want my mobile number?”

“Yes, please. But enter it, otherwise I’m bound to lose it!”

Amy pulled her phone out of her trouser pocket and handed it to Ed. Ed did the same. They each entered each others phone numbers into the phones and handed them back.

“Right. I’ll speak to you later, then?”

“I’ll be waiting!”

Amy watched Ed walk away down the stairs and out the door.

“Bye Babes.”


When the exposure went on the camera ad Scott walked put of the office he stood startled if for a moment on the stone steps. The next thing he knew, this reporter from The Evening Post was rambling in his ear about the Gordon Case.

“Sir, have you got any suspects for the Murder of James Gordon?” the reporter asked.

“Who the Hell are you?” Scott exclaimed.
“Matt Hosgood, Bristol Evening Post. Tell me, have you got any further in solving this brutal murder?!”

“We are making progress every day,” Scott replied, more aware of what was going on now.

“Do you have any suspect for the murder of James Gordon?”

“I’m sorry, I can’t reveal that. That’s classified information. Any questions you have will have to wait until a press conference can be organised.”

“One more Photo, Sir?”

And before Scott could even get the words out of his mouth, the short, strawberry blonde photographer took another photograph.

“Please leave, or I may be forced to arrest you,” Scott explained. And they both quickly scurried away to the van that was parked just a bit up the road.

The End

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