Four: September 4th 2008Mature

DETECTIVE Oliver Norman was walking down the corridor towards the Forensics Lab. He was a man on a mission.

As he opened the glass doors to the glass panelled Lab, at first he couldn’t see Charlotte or JJ, but then he listened and heard Charlotte giggle. He headed towards the Row of Records and JJs beloved collection of jarred insects and turned the corner. Unfortunately, he found Charlotte and JJ in the middle of some business. Charlotte was pushed up against a workbench with JJ pushed against her and his hand through her hair, holding her head to his.

Olis mouth dropped open, but he quickly closed it as he found it rude to gawp. He coughed, deliberately trying to interrupt but they didn’t hear him.

“Hope I’m not interrupting anything,” he called, loud enough for a light sleeper to hear. He couldn’t help but smirk.

Charlotte pushed JJ away and JJ backed up against the opposite workbench. They both began to brush themselves down and JJ coughed embarrassedly.

“Well, this certainly is awkward,” JJ began, “Yes Detective. What can I do you for?”

Oli raised an eyebrow at the comment that seemed comical due to the current events.

“Sorry, Detective,” JJ murmured turning red with embarrassment.

“That’s alright JJ. I was wondering whether you had the results of the S and A yet? Stuart sent me down for them. Impatient old git isn’t he?” Oli asked, smiling cheekily at his attempt to lighten the situation.

“Yes, Oli. We have… Erm. Let me just get them for you,” JJ replied quickly.

He hurried over to the workspace at the front of the Lab. He picked up the Brown envelope and the clipboard. He put a sheet of paper on the clipboard and handed the clipboard first.

“I just need you to sign this, Detective,” JJ asked.

“Certainly JJ,” Oli replied, politely.

He swiftly signed the release document with his scrawl and handed it back to JJ, in return, JJ handed Oli the brown envelope.

“The analysis results are in the envelope, and just so you know. We found a bug on the phone and we’re keeping that for further testing,” Charlotte chipped in.

“Thank you, Charlotte. Thanks JJ,” Oli acknowledged taking the envelope from JJ and began to walk out of the Lab. Just as he reached the door he turned around, “Oh. And don’t worry you two. I didn’t see anything. K?” he finished, winked and walked away.

JJs mouth dropped open in disbelief at Oli. Charlotte passed in front of him and ran her finger under his chin.

“Mouth shut,” she whispered sexily and kissed him on the cheek


Chief of Police Michael Burrows sat in his office, twiddling his thumbs. His sixth cup of instant coffee from the dodgy vender in the corridor sat on his desk growing cold. Personally he loathed the stuff but at the same time, longed for it after a 36 hour shift which he was just coming to the end of.

The décor in office was eight years of service achievement and in his opinion, £2600 well spent!

Wood panelled walls, Venetian blinds, Turkish rugs (direct from Turkey), executive leather roller chair, black leather sofas and titbits and accessories which made the office personally his. He beamed with pride every time it was mentioned.

Burrows practically lived in his office as his shifts were often so long; it seemed to many like he never went home. Always the first to arrive and last to leave, he was quite obsessive about that.

Michael hadn’t really had any big jobs to take care of since the Gordon case had been opened. Scott seemed to have taken over. He was beginning to wonder why he was there… again. Of course there had been the odd meeting and form and document that needed his signature to be placed upon it, but nothing generally exciting.

Before he had become Chief of Police, Michael had always had the chance to take big jobs and had car chases at least once a month and all the fun side of Policing. He’d worked on Patrol and often got the night shifts. He loved them, especially Friday nights when all the drunkards were coming out the pubs, often beginning brawls due to excess alcohol consumption. Of course he’d known of the dangers, but the thrill was like nothing you could ever experience. He still went back on Patrol sometimes in his spare time.

Michael hauled himself out of his chair, put on his cap and coat and strode out of his office. He felt like a walk.


Amy Beable had been working in Reception ever since she had started working at the Bristol Police Force (BPF), but she loved every minute of it. Although at this particular moment, she was checking her pristinely manicured nails were still pristine, she was an enthusiast at her job. She loved everything about it, the people, the tension, the routine and most of all, the fact that she had met someone…

When the phone rang as she was flirting with Officer Ed Treasure-Smith, she assumed it would just be another 999 referral, or report on something suspicious. What she got, was one in a million.

“Give me a sec, would you, Ed?” she asked sweetly with a flutter of the eyelashes as she wheeled herself over to the phone and picked up, “Good Afternoon, Bristol Police Station, how can I help?” she asked with the added gentleness that she never tired of using.

“Good Afternoon. I believe that you are looking for me?” the voice said.

Amys’ smile soon fell from her face.

“I’m sorry, who is speaking?”

“Why don’t you ask… Scott? I’m the person you’re looking for. But you’ll never find,” the voice answered. Then, the line went dead.

“Hello?... Hello?...,” Amy asked, then put the phone down and turned to Ed who was talking to another officer, then noticed Amy, “Get Scott.”

Ed tuned to Amy and noticed the lack of colour in her cheeks.

“Amy?” he asked.

“Get Scott, Ed! For Christ’s sake!” Amy screamed at him.

Ed turned and ran up the glass staircase in the corner of the Reception until he reached Scotts office on the second floor.

The End

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