Thirteen: December 19th 2008Mature

“Sergeant Scott Quinn, Bristol Police Office. In a hurry?”

“No,” Holly replied matter-of-factly.

“Then would you mind telling me where you’re going?”

“No,” she answered again, more bluntly this time.

“Well, in that case, I’m going to have to arrest you and your associates.”

“On what grounds?” Holly asked faltering slightly.

Scott smiled to himself. Playing it cool. He knew exactly what he was doing.

“Suspicious activity, possible murder… And that’s just for starters.”

Holly’s smirk dropped off her face. A gun clicked in the background.

“Drop your weapons!” Stuart Ivory bellowed.

Carl Arnolds hands raised in the air and placed the gun that was in his hands smoothly on the floor, kicking it away. He looked terrified. It humoured Scott slightly to see a gangster in fear.

“Flash!” Scott called.

A moment. The black and white sheepdog that was Officer Libbie Harris’ pride and joy padded forward. Scott produced an EezSeal® bag from his pocket. It was a sock. He took the sock from the bag and held it out for Flash to sniff after snapping some gloves on. Flash took a cautious sniff…

The dog quickly picked up the scent and walked over to Holly. Then Darren. After having a good sniff around Darren, he barked sharply and began to drag Libbie, who was holding the lead, towards the two doors at the back of the bunker. Scott signalled for two Officers to go with them.

“If you ask me, that was a complete waste of time and men. There’s no one back there. All of us are here,” Holly chirped uncaringly.

“Well, I neither asked you, nor do I believe you,” Scott replied coolly.




“Come on, Flash! Where’s Ed? Find Ed, Flash!” Libbie coaxed as her dog sniffed out her colleague. Soon, Flash came to a door and began to whimper and paw at the door.

“Okay guys,” she whispered to Harvey Robinson and Anne-Marie Kemplay who had accompanied her and now stood with their guns raised. They stepped forward and kicked the door open.

What was on the other side was not pretty. Ed was lying on the floor in an awkward position, slumped against the wall. His shirt was soaked in blood and there was a bullet hole in his stomach, pectoral muscle and upper arm. Amazingly, however, he was still alive and struggling to speak.

“Oh my God! Ed!” Libbie cried, letting go of Flash’s lead and hurrying over to kneel against him, pressing her hands against the profuse bleeding from his pec. “Call a Bus! Now! Okay, Ed. Ed, if you can here me, squeeze my hand,” she asked, calming herself and slipping some gloves on. Anne-Marie called a bus from the radio around her waist. Very weakly, Ed squeezed Libbie’s hand. As Libbie continued to apply pressure to his wound with the basic equipment in her medic bag, she kept talking to Ed.

“Okay, Ed. You’re going to be fine.”

“Holly… Darren,” he mumbled.

“I know, okay, baby. It’s okay,” Libbie replied, putting the oxygen mask of the tank that Charly had brought in, fighting back the tears. Ed fought it off in an effort to get more words out.

“Tell Amy… Tell Amy… I love her…. And that I’m sorry,” Ed continued, his breathing getting increasingly shallow.

Two Paramedics came in then. One was Rosie Secker who had been there when Becky had been shot, and the other was a fairly tall, slim brunette, with a friendly face. Libbie backed away.

“I will Ed. I promise.” She let go of his hand and took a few steps away so as to allow the Paramedics to do their job. The tears ran down her face. Anne-Marie came across to comfort and Harvey was trying to help the Paramedics. But it was too late. Gracefully, Ed closed his eyes and slipped away.

The End

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