Twelve: December 19th 2008Mature

“HOLLY! What did you do that for!” Darren cried at his boss, putting Ed’s phone down.

“What do you mean what did I do that for? You’re the idiot! Letting a Police Officer into our complex and letting him live!?”

Darren picked up the phone and waved it at Holly.

“What the hell are you showing me a mobile phone for?”

“Because, this is Ed’s phone and I was on the phone to his fiancée.”

“What the fuck!? Why?”

“It doesn’t matter, because now they’re gonna find out that Ed came here. They’re gonna come here, find a dead cop and they’re gonna arrest US. Why? Because Ed’s dead and we’re carrying out one of the most prolific smuggling operations in history. I knew what I was doing, and youruined it. Congratulations.

“Don’t youdaretalk to me like that.”

“Whatcha gonna do? Shoot me?”

“Oh! Yeah! Sure? Why not?” Holly replied spitefully, adding the trademark smirk on the end. She raised the gun once more and pointed it at Darren.

“Go on then. What you going to do?”




Scott ran over to the intercom and held down the button.

“ALL personnel, I repeat ALL personnel, please grab riot gear and weapons and gather in main reception. Officer down. I repeat we have an officer down.”

Immediately the building was alive with activity. Everyone was running grabbing every piece of gear available and kitting up before loading themselves with pistols and snipers. Soon over 150 officers were gathered in Main Reception. Even Charlotte and JJ were there. They had rushed from the lab to help out. Libbie Harris had grabbed Flash from the kennels and he was hyped up and rearing to go. Just like everyone else.

“Ok, guys,” Scott began, “Thanks for getting ready so quickly. Ed Treasure-Smith has been involved in a shooting and is assumed injured,” a wave or murmurs swept through the room and someone let out a gasp, “We must proceed with caution to get Ed out of their and catch whoever did this… Ready? Let’s go!”

The room erupted in a roar, the kind that you heard at a rock concert or some such event. Everyone fled out the doors and into wagons and riot vans. Calls were made to ambulances to arrive on scene and in no time, sirens were blaring and wagons were racing through the streets of Bristol.




Back at the Station, Jo Wormald walked in through the doors and noticed the silence and emptiness of the station. She turned to a very pale Amy Beable and noticed the tear stains down her face.

“Oh Amy! What happened?”

“Well, let’s see. My fiancée got shot and the whole fuckin’ office has gone out to help, and I’m left here! Get me there, Jo. NOW!” Amy screamed, and fell to the floor, buckling over.

“Amy!” Jo cried.

“The baby! I felt the baby move…”




Scott was sitting behind the wheel, glaring at the road. Lee Turner, Charlotte Andrews and JJ Chalmers were also in his car. Charly and JJ had yet to take their lab coats off, but they had their forensics kits with them and bulletproof vests over the top. Scott’s mobile began to chirp away and he pressed the Bluetooth that was plugged into his ear.

“Yes,” he demanded.

“Scott? It’s Becky. Is everyone okay? Is Ed okay?”

“How do you know about Ed?”

“I’ll explain later. Is he okay?”

“No, he’s been shot. Why?”



“Oh for fucks sake, Scott. Where the hell was Ed shot?”

“Brislington Industrial Estate. Why Becky?”

“I’m on my way.”


But the line had already gone dead. Scott his the accelerator.




Holly dropped the gun, and Darren gave a nervous laugh.

“I knew you wouldn’t do it.”

“Shut it.”

She stormed along the corridor and kicked the door open into the bunker.

“Roberto, Matt, Fraser, Joe, Carl, Robin, Joe! Pack up all the stuff. We’re moving out. Today. Now.”

“Why, what’s happened now!?” Matt Slade called from the other end of the room

Holly disappeared for a moment and the reappeared, dragging Darren by the ear and threw him to the floor.

“Ask him,” she growled.

“I didn’t do anything! It was all her!” Darren pleaded.

“YOU phoned the Police Station to tell them we had an Officer in our midst, forgetting to tell me, so I find and shoot the bastard withthemon the other end. So NOW they’re on their way to find and arrest us. And do we want that? After everything we’ve built? I think not.” And with that, she kicked Darren in the groin and he fell to the floor once again.

“Nice one, Darren,” Joe McKenna, a 22 year-old with a slight American twang in his voice, added.

Robin Alton jumped down from a large wooden crate with the grace of a puma and padded across to where Darren lay. Darren simply knelt there with pleading eyes, looking at Robin. Suddenly, Robin kicked out lightening fast and as his foot came into contact with the side of Darren’s face a crack echoed around the bunker that made even Holly cringe. Darren collapsed to the floor, quickly pushing himself back up and swinging a punch at Robin, getting him in the chest. Robin barely moved. At this point, Owen appeared behind Robins shoulder and danced over to where Darren stood and somehow managed to pick him up and throw him across the floor, muscles bulging in his clothes. Darren went crashing into a pile of crates and fell limp.

Everyone froze. Police sirens could be heard getting rapidly closer through the high glass windows. The entire room broke into action, with and air of panic, grabbing anything and everything that they could carry including marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and even a small number of Thai people. Then they all began to flock for the fire exit. Holly pushed down on the handle and the alarm went off at the same time as the front doors burst open and 20 officers burst in with Scott leading them. Riot Officers burst in through the windows and guns were blazing everywhere.

“Everybody FREEZE!” Scott cried. The chaos ceased instantly.

From the huddled mass at the back of the room, the men parted and Holly strutted through the path, and placed her hands on her hips as she came to a halt.

“Good Afternoon,” she said coldly, “I’m Holly. And you are?”

The End

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