Murder Games

The Evidence in the Case

On Tuesday the 15th of April at  11pm, the well known attorney Nicholas French was discovered dead in the grounds of Harmony Home, the palatial residence of the Golightly family.

He had been brutally assaulted with a large, heavy object similar to a baseball bat, although no weapon was found at the scene, or has yet been discovered.

His corpse had then been placed in a relaxed attitude in the small gazebo, where a chess-board had been set out - white to play. A note, pinned to the right lapel of his dinner jacket outlined the moves of the game thus far.

The crime was discovered by Miss Adele Golightly. She refused to explain why she happened to visit the gazebo, claiming she was merely taking a stroll, but states that when she approached she believed she noticed a fleeing figure make off down the drive.

The chess set, she claimed, was an antique, and had been missing from her uncle Wilberforce Golightly's collection for some months, and had been believed to be stolen.

Who killed Nicholas French? What was the motive for this despicable crime? Did someone merely lose their rag knowing they were beaten in the game of chess? Who was the other player? Or was the motive yet more dark and sinister?


Witness Statements to Follow

The White Queen - Francesca Golightly

The White King - Wilberforce Golightly

The White Bishop - Father Graham Blessed

The White Knight - Edward Bennett

The White Castle - Adele Golightly

Pawns -

Genevive Miller (housekeeper)

Ferdinand Novak (chauffeur)

Hildegard and Hermione Golightly (10 year-old twins)


The Red Queen - Emmeline Tatevossian

The Red King - Rupert Smith

The Red Bishop - Sister Mary Emmanuel

The Red Knight - Geoffrey Tatevossian

The Red Castle - Timothy Winter

Pawns -

Joanna Livesey (secretary to Ms Tatevossian)

Donovan Spragg (handyman)

Eunice Thornton (maid)

Noel Tatevossian (11 year-old delinquent)




The End

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