Murder at Row Hills

Patricia raises her left eyebrow and maintains her diabolical grin as she replies. “Now it’s not about just living here. It’s about what’s hidden here worth more than the place itself. To what I know for sure it is something precious. But I’ve said too much already, I am thinking how to get rid of you. How much will it take to shut your mouth and get lost?” Mandy knew better to make deals with the devils, so she looks down and replies. “Well as intriguing of an offer that sounds, I’ll have to decline. I know better than to make deals with devils like you.”

Patricia picks up a meat cleaver from the table and waves it around then points towards Mandy. “You sure about that now? That leaves me with option two, killing you and cleaning up the mess.”

Mandy sighs in relief as her phone vibrates and then faces towards Patricia. “You should first get the door; I invited a friend along with some Police officers to attend your confession. And to treasure this, I have it all recorded.” Mandy shrugs her shoulders and manages to put on a smile.

With that said the Police calls out on the front door and Mandy hands over the recorder with the entire recording of the twisted confession. Patricia with one final glare looks out through the police car window at Mandy. Mandy gives her a slow good bye wave and a perky smile.

 The End

The End

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