Murder at Row Hills

Mandy asks about why Patricia decides to take up the place, with its morbid history and all that. Is she going to stay here for awhile? With that Patricia looks down with a slight smile and laughs. “I plan to stay here for quite more than a while and as for the history related to this place, I think it’s just an exaggeration of the people of those times”. Mandy widen her eyes and leans forward and thinks that how can someone be comfortable to live in a place like this? “Well that’s interesting; Victoria Gilmore was one heck of a crazy gal, killing her family so brutally. That’s just insane.” Patricia expressions changes, she stares at Mandy with a glare look and with a loud tone replies. “Now hold up! How can you say by just reading some old paper that Victoria Gilmore was a crazy person and a killer? There was no significant evidence of that her being a killer.” Mandy thinks to herself that maybe Patricia knows a lot than what was expected.

Mandy excuses herself and gets up from her chair, walks out from the living room to attend Lucy’s call. “Mandy?” Lucy yells out. “Listen I think you should cancel meeting Patricia tonight, I tried searching her but she doesn’t exist before she married Christopher Cayman. I tried searching through her photo and came across a Madeline Arabelle Gilmore. I am sending you the picture.” Mandy got the picture on her phone and was shocked to see the resemblance and told Lucy she was already here at the mansion and that she should call the Sheriff and maybe come here later, as things were about to get messy.

Mandy went back to the living room and thought what she had to say next. Patricia hands her a cup of tea and seats herself on a chair and says: “So is there anything else you want to ask or are we done for the night.” Mandy pretends as if she’s taking a sip of the tea and places it on the table and inhales a deep breath before she speaks. “Oh no, thank you so much for all your time, but there is one thing I wanted to ask though. Does the name Madeline Arabelle Gilmore ring any bells for you?” This astounds Patricia and she gawks at Mandy as if she was struck dumb. “How did you? Where did you get that name? Who are you?!!

Mandy knew where the situation had taken a turn to, so it was time to unleash full confrontation. “You know exactly what I mean Madeline Gilmore; derangement is strong in your family tree. Isn’t it? You wanted something and you killed for it!! But there’s one thing unclear how did you kill Roger, if you weren’t in town and why kill him?”

Patricia gets up and rubs her hand; finally with a sigh she smirks at Mandy and talks. “Well I didn’t expect that school reports were so deep? I have to hand it you, wow you really figured it out all out. As for killing Roger was easy I was here waiting for him all along just had to get him to the fields. Ok, that was the how and now for the why, right? I told Christopher to buy this place and everything was fine until he figured out who I really was, so he wasn’t going to give me this place and would have ended the marriage. And I was gonna be empty handed so I took care of him by his car. Nasty accident got him for good.  So now all was left the property distribution but he was too clever he already named the Gilmore Mansion to his brother Roger. Making sure I wouldn’t get what I really wanted. So it all had to end like this, I didn’t miss a trick.”

Mandy wanted to run out of the door, she had a feeling of trepidation. But it was time to face her nightmares and even her dream to catch a serial killer without becoming a victim. Mandy finds the words and tries to say some words out. “So now you got what you wanted, you’re a Gilmore and wanted to live in your ancestral home. But to get to it , you adapted some techniques from history, to hoodwink everybody. Is that it?”

The End

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