Murder at Row Hills

Mandy was there at the funeral and had only a brief exchange of condolences with Patricia though she thought Lucy would be there too. Lucy’s absence meant that she was on to something worth more to the mystery. Mandy noticed that Patricia was talking to a man with some sort of paperwork in his hands so she managed to get a better audio of their conversation. It seems that Patricia was quite worried about something and was constantly asking the man. “How much time will it take to get it done with? I don’t want this to become a part of some bidding. It meant so much to my husband and I wouldn't want him to be forgotten or the family name.” To which the man assures her it would be handled in a week for good and for her to not worry.

Mandy thought that by the looks of the conversation they were talking about property and with that meant it was the Gilmore Mansion. Lucy meets Mandy and they exchange thoughts, it was looking like all the pointers were towards Patricia Michelangelo Cayman. But possibility was lacking to why kill for this land and she wasn't even here not until 3 days ago for the preparation of the  funeral. So how were the pieces of the puzzle going to fit? The girls decided to wait because no evidence was valid here but except the fact when Patricia would claim ownership to the Mansion then it could lead to some answers, if they’re on the right track.

Lucy was searching details about the Gilmore Mansion; it wasn't a very major property piece as compared to what Patricia already had. She was already too rich, and then what was it so peculiar about this? Mandy thought it was time to search out that man from the funeral who was talking to Patricia and get some answers out. For that they visited the Row Hills Real Estate Office and to their surprise he was there, just giving some documents to a man at the desk and shaking hands. Mandy thought of a plan and went up to them. “Hello, I’m doing a report on historical places for a assignment I've to submit, so I was wondering if you could help me out with some questions I have about the Gilmore Mansion.” The man at the desk said that the Gilmore Mansion now is under the ownership of someone, if you want to do research you could ask that gentleman over there if the owner would allow it or not.” With that Mandy catches up with the man and tells the same story. So he introduces himself as Patricia’s advocate and tells her she can visit Patricia tonight and she wouldn't mind answering some queries as she knew about the place. With that Mandy thanks him and decides to meet her tonight at Gilmore Mansion.

Mandy tells Lucy about her meeting with Patricia and asks for her to keep looking into Patricia’s past. And let her know if she comes across anything. Mandy decides to go visit Patricia but thinks it’s best to place a small recorder in her bag’s inner pocket. She packs her stuff and waits till dark to make her trip; she wasn’t expecting much from Patricia and was getting to think more and more about Victoria Grace Gilmore, how come no one ever found out what happened to her?

As Mandy walked towards the Gilmore Mansion she saw how the darkness covered the place and somehow she got that feeling of death as she walked to the front door and rang the bell. The door opens and Patricia greets her inside. She was expecting her as her lawyer Phillip Jameson had mentioned about it on the phone. The two sat down in the living room and started talking.

The End

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