Murder at Row Hills

Mandy went up to Lucy's office; it was small with lots of files and papers and a soft board with so many papers and sticky notes that the place would be very uncomfortable to work in. Lucy was drinking coffee and was writing in her notepad a lot and she looked up and saw Mandy. They exchanged greetings and got to the point of the crime. Because they knew each other well enough after going through some details, Lucy told that latest the police found a blood stained 48 inch steel gauge 4-Tine Blade Fork spade in the fields near the crime sight about 50 feet and suspects by the look of the wounds on the victim that it’s the possible murder weapon.

As much as details were coming , Mandy was recording each detail on her MP3 player hidden in her purse’s inner pocket. She knew it was the best way to make notes. Then Lucy got her notepad and told some details about the victim that were: Age in late forties, 6’2”, 180 lbs., dark brown hair. With that said Lucy gets up and tells Mandy that she’s going to the crime site, hoping to get more details. So Mandy walks out with her and bids farewell and best of luck.

With what information collected Mandy heads towards Signet’s Diner and seats herself with a coffee and after one sip takes out a notepad and starts listing down the collected crime details. She’s was so far blank because without a name she would have to wait till she could dig any deeper. As she looked out of the diner’s glass window she thought about the murder weapon then went back to the Gilmore incident in the 50’s. The family was also killed by a fork spade, so does this man that Victoria is still killing people with a fork spade. But then again she thought it can be a coincidence as it wasn’t possible. How can an almost 95 year-old women be still out on a killing spree? She noticed much time had passed so maybe she should be heading home, as Mandy was picking up her notepad and walking to the door two men, one in his sixties and other probably late fifties comes in the diner talking about the fields, the crime and Roger Cayman. She stopped and waited to hear a little longer, both man saying how tragic it was and how Gilmore Mansion is for sure a cursed land. Then the waitress asking and finding that Roger Cayman is the victim, who was the new owner of the Gilmore Mansion.

A sad game of life, Roger Cayman had just lost his older brother Christopher Cayman few months ago in a car accident and had inherited the Gilmore Mansion from his brother’s will and the other remainder was distributed to the deceased’s wife Patricia Michelangelo Cayman. Devil’s own luck for the Cayman brothers, death was destined for them. No as such relatives, children or blood-related family besides friends and employees.

With the one person to contact as family was Patricia M. Cayman, to break the news about her brother-in-law’s mishap. As shocking as it was she made the journey to Row Hills to deal with death once again.

Lucy and Mandy were now working deep together in this case, digging as much as they can into Cayman’s history. To their knowledge Patricia had arrived town, so it was time that they go and try to get some answers from her. So Lucy as a representative from the news paper went solo. Mandy wandered around trying to discover that what will become of the Gilmore Mansion, whose gonna be the new owner??

Apparently with no relative to the Cayman it was a situation of intestacy. So there was no will, no relatives and only false claims therefore the Gilmore Mansion will go the State, for the time being. Patricia was making all the possible arrangements for Roger’s funeral, here in Row Hills. She was a tall rosy-pale face, had soft amber medium length hairs, hazel eyes and quite the possessor of good looks. She was dressed in black, for the funeral. She had just gone through her husband’s funeral few months ago and now another funeral came in order.

The End

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