Murder at Row Hills

 After reading this, it sent a sudden chill up Mandy’s spine. This was a goose bump that she hadn’t experienced in ages.

Mandy was surprised that nobody not even her own grandmother ever mentioned anything about this. With these thoughts she stared out the window into the open fields and thought what more there was to Row Hills that she had to discover. As dinner time approached she decided not to ask May MA any of this and for the time being just keep the notes to herself.

After dinner Mandy went to bed at 12:00 AM, which was too early for her as considering her nocturnal nature and all. She needed to share the info she gathered but then again she ignored the thought and said tomorrow was a big day for her, best be getting to sleep now.

The next day Mandy woke up at 9:00 AM and got ready to head towards the Police station so she cut breakfast short just drank up a glass of juice and grabbed a French toast and told her grandmother that she was heading to town and help out at the Police Station. May MA was surprised hearing this and suspected that Mandy was primarily more interested in getting a sneak peak which worried her so she did her part and told her to stay out of Police business. Mandy knew arguing wasn’t going to be much of a help so she just said that at least let her go to town.

With that Mandy leaves for town with the same purpose to visit the Police Station. She arrives at the Police Station hoping to first approach Muriel Lionel, the deputy. Muriel was in her early 30’s, she had short curly auburn hair and big blue eyes and she hadn’t planned on working here at the town’s Police station. But to her dismay her hopes of getting out of Row Hills didn’t happen.

 Mandy entered the Police Station and found Muriel up at the main desk looking into files and with a pen in her hand. There were barely maybe 3 more officers at the station coming and going. Mandy made her way to Muriel and smiled with her hopeful eye. Muriel said: “Mandy, how are you, what are you doing here? Any troubles?” Mandy replies: “Oh no trouble, how’re you doing, say where is everybody? Sure is quiet here.”

Muriel looks at her right then turns her head to Mandy’s direction and says: “Yeah, most officers are up at Mr. Dunbar’s fields, where that man’s body was found. You know, since after the coroner’s report, its official it’s a homicide now.” Mandy shows a surprising expression and then tries to asks: “Oh yeah, say who was the fellow, he from around here?.” Muriel trying to portray her words as much as hidden as she could tell: “Well he had no ID on him when the body was discovered, but its in the process."  Mandy nods knowing it isn’t this easy getting every bit of information out just by cross-questioning?

So, with this much amount of knowledge Mandy knew where she had to go next if she wanted to find out more, it was time pay a visit to Lucy Cameron. Lucy Cameron was the town’s news papers most dedicated reporter. She had the art to present the smallest of the news as interesting as possible. She was tall, had dark straight black hair and greenish eyes. She was in her mid-early 20’s. And now with this crime, Mandy knew that Lucy would be working on it right now.

The End

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