Murder at Row Hills

Berta’s jaw just drops after hearing this, as if it wasn’t true. May MA said: “What, a murder? Oh dear Lord. Are you sure it wasn’t something else because you’re always looking up stuff on crimes and mysteries and what not.”

Mandy quickly replies as she seats herself on the single seat sofa in the lounge that: “It’s not something else girls, there has been a murder done right here. The Sheriff was there and told me so. I mean why would anybody want to do a suicide in the fields. It makes no sense.” With that said there was a silence in the room until Berta speaks: “Oh My, GOD SAVE US ALL, I can’t believe it.” May MA in a low tone ads: “Me too, I mean nothing this nasty ever happened up here at Row Hills.”

Mandy silently studied the two senior ladies faces and how worried they looked. She realized one thing that no matter what, she was definitely gonna look into this “Homicide” would now be appropriate for the situation and silently lays back in the sofa with her thoughts.

The smell of freshly cooked green chicken stew was slowly making its way to Mandy’s olfactory senses, which reminded her that which so much going on it’s time for lunch. As the table was set, Berta had left till then and May MA was placing the hot pot of rice on the dinner table. With both of them seated silently and with each bite resisting the thought to discuss the morbid matter of the murder. But to break the ice Mandy added that the stew was palatable, so May MA managed a thoughtful smile and insisted her to eat more as she thought Mandy hadn’t been eating right. After finishing up and done with dish washing, May MA headed towards her room for her afternoon nap. Mandy was also tired so she thought it was best to snooze off on the couch rather than dozing off long in her bedroom and waking up just before dinner, in this way the sunlight won’t let her sleep long and she’ll get the rest she needed. With that notion she snoozed off on the three seat couch listening to another one of her new favorite songs.

Suddenly she woke up with looking at the clock; it was 5:30 PM. She figured May MA was reading one of her health magazines, so she figured there was much time before dinner so why not take a look around at the town’s crime history. She sat in front of the laptop and tried to look up any strange incidents that might have occurred in any recent events. She found news paper reports about stolen fork spades, small break-ins and low level local robberies. As she passed on, there was this one incident way back to the 50’s that was peculiar and quiet grotesque. In 1953, at the Gilmore Mansion there lived the Gilmore family, Frederick Gilmore II and his wife Victoria Grace Gilmore along with their two children, a son named Nathaniel Gregory Gilmore (age 6) and a daughter named Arabelle Helena Gilmore (age 8). This seemed to be a seemingly normal family but there was much calamity to their tale. The wife Victoria was schizophrenic and used to hear voices telling her to kill the family and many other hallucinations. Back in the 1950’s the possible treatments for this was the  insulin coma therapy (ICT) a form of psychiatric treatment in which patients were repeatedly injected with large doses of insulin in order to produce daily comas over several weeks. The husband Frederick was not in agreement to this treatment and had a nurse to attend to sick Victoria. The family was into the farming business and with a nearby mill house, on one stormy night the wife escaped and the next day the family was found massacred by a fork spade. These included the nurse Rosalina, the children, Frederick and the caretaker James Donner. Victoria’s whereabouts has been a mystery ever since and nothing was found out.

The End

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