Murder at Row Hills

 Sheriff Nolan was a man in his late sixties but going strong, he had look of a stern man with a white beard and face with wrinkles that stayed put because of the anger look he had on his face. It looked like he’d be happy to shoot a man right in between the eyes and smoke a cigar after that. Being a family friend, he wasn’t as scary as an image he demonstrated. He was a man of high morale and rightly fulfilled his duties. Mandy thought to herself that when reaches his age she could only imagine being 5 percent of that active. But right now he had his deep concerned and attentive look.

Mandy pulled aside the truck on the right side of the road and got out with keys in her hand with a slight frown on her face probably because of the sunlight coming at her and walked towards the Police cars. With a quick smile she greeted the other 2 officers and then went to the Sheriff and the man standing beside him. She waited at a distance till they finished their conversation as she knew better it was a part of mannerism that it’s impolite to interrupt two people who are having a conversation with one another until they finish. So with her standing their staring at them, they had to finish up to attend her. Seeing the silence, Mandy quickly says: “Hello there Sheriff, what’s going on out here?”

 Sheriff Nolan as he fixes his sunglasses upwards replies: “There’s been a terrible incident, miss. A man’s body has been discovered here out in the fields by Mr. Dunbar. We’re investigating and looking around here. I’ll have the Police cars moved out of your way, you best be going home now.”

Mandy’s dark brown eyes widened with shock as to what she was hearing, the only thing that was circulating in her mind right now was “A murder?! In Row Hills, no freaking way!!”  But with this much going on she quickly nods OKAY and manages to ask who the person was, but in reply she gets a we don’t know who the unlucky fellow was. She  gets in her truck , takes a deep breath and starts the truck and makes her way as the Police cars parks side towards the left of the road towards the cornfields and with one of the officers reporting the details back to the station.

Mandy had a lot going on her mind, but she had to concentrate on her driving. She decides to skip the stop at the gas station and head on home and tell May MA the breaking news of the century for Row Hills.

She arrives home and without unloading the groceries she runs up and unlocks the door and start yelling out for her grandmother: “May MA! May MA! Berta are you here? Where is everybody? “ Mandy is standing near the front door preparing the words to break out to both Berta and May MA, as she sees them both coming out from the kitchen. May MA frowns and says: “What in the world is going with you, what happened?” Berta was standing right beside May MA with the same question in mind. Berta Parker was just about as old as May MA in their late sixties if Mandy had to guess, because there was no point in asking them.

Mandy had no other way to break the news then to just say it out loud that: “There’s been a murder here at Row Hills at the Old Mill Dan’s Road in the nearby crop fields. A man’s body was found.”

The End

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