Murder at Row Hills

As Mandy entered the Super Mart she saw the smiley faces of the employees on the counters and busy customers roaming around here and there. She thought to herself this isn’t so bad, it’s good to go shopping for groceries and get a little life in you. She got the list of groceries out of her purse and then started to collect and cross out the items on the list. It didn’t take long for her to get all the things then heading towards the counter she saw a sale on shoes, a sudden urge to go ahead and look forced her steps towards the colorful shoes, but she stopped and said to herself: “NO! You don’t need them; they’ll just end up under the bed with all the other useless stuff you waste your money on. QUIT being such a weakling!!” So with that said in her mind she walked away and headed quickly towards the check-out counters to pay for the stuff and got out.

While loading up the groceries she checked her phone for any missed calls or new messages and to her surprise she saw a message from Fiona. Fiona Aimes was the most studious and not so much of a party animal type friend she had in college. Fiona was taller than her and was quiet the jolly person she had a conversation with, on her very first day in College. Thinking of her puts a smile on her face and it made Mandy more eager to read her text message:

Hi Mandyyyyyy!!!

What’s up?? I miss you!! :)

Nothing much here at, Cassandra & I tried out the new Chinese dish here at the cafeteria. It was SPICY!! :P

Any who when you get this do call.

Suddenly Mandy had an overwhelming feeling to quickly call her friend Fiona, so she went to her phone book, searched out her number and hit dial. After 3 rings the call was received;

 Fiona: Hello?

Mandy: Helloooooooo Fiona Nona!

Fiona: Oh Mandy, What’s up, how are you and howz Row Hills?

Mandy: Ah nothing much, I am out getting groceries so when I saw your text I missed you and I called, Hehee….

Fiona: AWW, miss you too, I just got out of class was heading towards the library.

Mandy: You should stay away from that place, pretty soon you’ll start living there…(chuckles)

Fiona: HAHA, did you talk to Lisa?

Mandy: Nope, but I got to, coz she’s going away to visit her sister so I’ll talk to her before that….

Fiona: OK, well I’ll talk to you soon,gotta go hit the books………

Mandy: Oh how I wish I was there to hit you on the head with one of those big ones…….

Fiona: Hilarious, Ok See ya , Bye!

Mandy: Bye, take care and study hard!


With the call ended Mandy gets in the truck and decides to take the long way home and on the way home stop at a gas station to fuel up the truck too. As she drives along the long way back home the beautiful greenery really amazes her. Beautiful long green grass and passing by those crop fields was just magnificent. The day might be as hot as hell but somehow she made peace with it by the wind blowing away. She saw ahead what seem to be 2 Police cars with their sirens going out loud and the Sheriff coming out of the fields from the right side of the roads with another man behind him who looked like a farmer.

The End

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