Murder at Row Hills

Eventually after a few checks at the place was dried up and she remembered that today was the day for some groceries shopping and by that she wasn't so excited for what was ahead of her To-Do list duties. She looked up at the antique clock hanging out above the kitchen door and it was about 10 minutes to 9 am, where did the time go? Picking up her novel and regaining her mood of reading she thought about her novel addicted friend Veronica and how she would discuss with her about all the books she read and would talk on and on about the details. Suddenly Mandy felt guilty, she sometimes  would doze off in their conversations, into her own thoughts about what new song am I going to find today?


Mandy felt that this summer she would extremely miss her friends and all the ridiculous stuff they did, she wanted to grab a phone and call Veronica but being herself she thought maybe later tonight I’ll call her and we can catch up with each other’s activities. With so many thoughts she forgot that she had a novel to read so she started to turn the pages and found out where she previously left out.

 After 45 minutes …………

After finishing the tenth chapter she laid aside the book on a coffee table nearby and she just closed her eyes and thought about how this one time when she helped out the Police here at Row Hills in catching the shoplifter at the Super Mart and how she felt like a Nancy Drew type detective and from there she got an inner calling of someday being in the Police. But sadly to her dismay the crime rates at Row Hills were just till shoplifters or nothing more than wild teenagers breaking store windows. She felt there was nothing to do here in this little town, but maybe a little peace and quiet was needed for her.

It was time she got out and headed towards the Super Mart to get the groceries, normally May MA had them delivered but she wanted Mandy to get out of the house and get some refreshing air. Mandy knew the housekeeper, Berta was gonna come in a while so she headed towards the truck’s keys and headed out the door waving a bye-bye to her grandmother. The blue truck her grandmother owned was quiet well maintained with comfy leather seats, though it had no fancy music player but it gave her a chance to turn on the radio for once in awhile. She got in the truck, puts the vehicle in ignition then slowly drives up her way to the road towards town.


 The best place for groceries in Row Hills was Aden Super Mart that had it all, from groceries to work tools, from bed & baths to furniture, electronics and what not. It had a decent discount and the place was as big as a mini type shopping mall with a little cafe on the side.

The End

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