History can't stop killing...

Mandy is spending her summer vacation in the silent town Row Hills visiting her grandmother. The infamous Gilmore Mansion that was so notorious for it's dark history is now in the possession of yet another unfortunate dead owner. What is more strange is the murder techniques are identical to somewhat the tragedy that happened many years ago. Is it a coincidence or something much more deadly? Or someone from the past is out for revenge.....

Mornings weren't on the top list of Mandy’s most favorite things in the world. She hated the fact that night was for sleeping and the day was for doing the work and stuff. She thought of herself as a nocturnal creature that was meant to be awake in the night and sleep and complete her rest at the first striking ray of sunlight. How fantastic life would be if that were to happen. So since she couldn't do that, she thought that the last thing she wants to turn into a sleeping psycho, she stayed awake from 8 PM throughout till the next day to maintain her time table. And the only way to do that was being involved with various activities. It was 7:34 AM; she was in the lounge with a cup of coffee and reading her new crime series novel. As she went through the book, she had a brief thought of her friends wondering what they might be doing and then got back to her book.


She realized that it’s been about a year since she became a music addict. She wouldn't go anywhere without her MP 3 Player and how she adored her 413 all genres songs. With all these thoughts in mind she heard the nearby bedroom’s doorknob turning and saw her grandmother standing. She looked at her with her perky smile and said: “Good morning May MA, what’s up?”


May MA was surprised to see her granddaughter awake so early, but it didn't take long for her to realize that she had been awake since last night. So without saying much she said: “You know you got to water the plants before Berta comes, don’t ya? Oh and don’t overflow it ,I hate how the place looks if you fill up too much water in the plants and the pots start leaking and it looks like a water tank exploded.” With that said she quickly shuts the door of her room, without Mandy to add anything to the brief conversation. It was obviously a sign that her grandmother was gonna go back to bed. So without wasting any time she got up, puts aside her book and MP3 Player on the dark chocolate brown single-seat leather sofa and headed for the kitchen sink to grab a jug for watering the plants.


 She opened the water tap and placed the jug beneath the null and stood there waiting for it to fill up. Then she began to wonder how many times she would have to do this and get it over with. With the jug filled up she took it out of the sink and headed towards the veranda where the thirsty plants awaited. She wasn’t counting but on an approx figure it took her about 7 turns to fill the jug and water the plants. May MA had a lot of plants. About five minutes later when she came back to see the plants she saw that she had done exactly what her grandmother told her not to do. The plant pots were overfilled and with so little time there was a small puddle of soil mixed water spreading everywhere on the veranda. She thought its best in these times of peril to hide the evidence before getting caught, so with that she went to get the mop and started mopping like her life depended on it.


The End

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