Murder is just a game to some.

With all the lives that you have lost,

Playing this stupid game,

I often wonder this the most,

If you ever want to win,

My eyes watch close,

And search your movements,

For any sort of plan,

But realize too late,

Of course,

You do it because you can.

So close your eyes and think of me,

The hands around your throat,

And open up and let me in,

The water in your lungs,

For as you drink from the moat,

You body begins to break,

And float along the surface water,

With an elegance I can't take.

One life lost,

Two lives gone,

And then goes a third,

You only have 2 more left,

And hope in you re-flowered,

But once again,

your lives got used,

And nothing could be done,

So feel the heat,

From the flames you set,

Your lovely little arson.

So close your eyes and feel me there,

The rope around your neck,

And scratch and scrape,

to try to breath,

After everything is wrecked,

As the air disperses,

And your life goes by,

I hope you see my face,

And know the thing that you gave up,

And feel all of the disgrace.

So now the last and final part,

of this here brilliant game,

You tore out my heart and threw it down

And now it's there aflame,

So Please don't take this personally,

It's really not the case,

I just feel you need to see,

The love across my face,

Listen to the words i say,

And take them all in,

For now's the time where you realize,

If you ever did you could win.

So close your eyes and feel the knife,

Sliding in your gut,

And know with every metallic inch,

That I dont mean this cut,

The metaphorical knife you drove,

Deep into my heart,

Was more than enough,

For me to know,

That you did want us to part,

So take this here last murderous thing,

And notice it's not true,

The water, knife and rope your felt,

Was not the thing killing you,

The murder came inside your heart,

Where feelings were just threw,

The murder weapon in this here case,

Was merely me kissing you .

The End

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